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RepresentASIAN raises funds to support devastation from flooding in Kerala

RepresentASIAN raises funds to support devastation from flooding in Kerala

By Ann '19

Three months ago, Kerala, a state in South India, experienced devastating floods caused by seasonal monsoons. Teresa '19 and I were personally affected because our families are from Kerala. Usually, during the summer months, India receives 8-10 inches of rain per month, but this year, due to climate change, Kerala received 15 inches in one week. This was the worst flood in over a century and no one predicted it. The sheer amount of water and lack of preparation had devastating effects; 400 to 500 people have died and about 2 million people were evacuated to relief camps. To exacerbate the issue, India does not have the concept of home owners' insurance, so people have to rebuild their homes and lives without monetary support. This is where the Stuart community came in. RepresentASIAN, the Asian safe space club in the Upper School founded by me, Sophia '19, and Roma '20 hosted a fundraiser on Friday, November 9 for Kerala flood victims, and raised $930! All proceeds will be going to RECCAA Sewa, which is a charity organization set up by alumni of Calicut Regional Engineering College, an engineering college in Kerala. They have been extremely active in relief efforts, but need more monetary support. The mission of RECCAA Sewa is to give back to those who unfortunately have experienced a large share of life's misfortunes. For more information visit

We truly appreciate everyone's help and support, especially from our club advisor.

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