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Tartan Tuesday

Celebrating with confetti

What is Tartan Tuesday

Tartan Tuesday is our annual giving day that is held each year in November. It is a day dedicated to encouraging our Stuart Community to come together and support our girls and young boys through a gift to the Stuart Fund. This 24-hour giving event brings together alumnae, parents, friends, and more both here in the Princeton area and across the world!

Why is it important?

Tartan Tuesday is more than just a day to celebrate Stuart. It is a day that helps us showcase the impact that the Stuart Fund has on each and every one of our students. Participation in Tartan Tuesday shows our community the commitment we've made to our mission, both now and into the future!

Why do we need your help?

We can't do it alone - we need your help to reach even more of the Stuart community on Tartan Tuesday! Like, share, and compete with your classmates and friends to help spread the word!

How can you help?

Make a gift of any amount and designate it to an area of the School that you love the most. Share the day with your network! Share the online giving page using your social media or email. Become a Stuart Fund Advocate and help spread the word by inviting others to join you on the day.


Contact Ashley Stewart P'36, Associate Director of Community Engagement and Annual Giving at