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Cor Cordis Center For Exceptional Leadership

All Sacred Heart schools are committed to the care of the whole child, intellectually, spiritually, emotionally and physically. As a leading school for girls for 60 years, Stuart has guided students’ self-awareness, identifying their personal strengths, values, and interests and how these contribute to their unique capacity to lead effectively.

The Cor (heart) Cordis (at the heart) Center for Exceptional Leadership at Stuart is an ambitious and forward-thinking project that reflects our commitment to fostering a lifetime of leadership success through academic excellence, student support, and health and wellness and ensures all students have support and resources needed to take the lead in their own leadership development and success. The Cor Cordis Center for Exceptional Leadership puts the heart of a Stuart girl at the center of Stuart's purpose. 

Cor (heart) Cordis (of the heart) in American English (ˈkɔrdɪs, ˈkour-dis)
Word origin: [‹ L]
“The Heart of Hearts” / “The Heart of it All”

"Cor" translates to "heart" in Latin.
"Cordis" is the genitive form of "cor," meaning "of the heart."

At the heart of it all

Located in the center of campus, Cor Cordis will empower girls to lead full and healthy lives of learning, leading, and serving by adhering to three core pillars that are grounded in the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria.

Collaboration: Greater access to collaborative learning and teaching spaces strengthens interpersonal connections and fosters a sense of community. The increase in efficiency of student support enhances every student’s academic success. 

Goals 2 & 4

Curiosity: As a research incubator for students and faculty, essential skills are put into action. Through mentorship and opportunities for innovation, students will discover how they can use their unique skills and talents to better our world. 

Goals 2 & 3 

Agency: A centralized location with resources that build a spiritual core, strengthen the inner self, and foster academic success builds self-efficacy and a sense of belonging, thereby allowing students to bring their best-selves to myriad situations now and in the future.

Goals 1 & 5


With resources and spaces designed for student success in a more centralized location, this game-changing project will create a pathway for healthier learning, leading and living. With input and involvement from students, faculty and staff, Cor Cordis will utilize the existing footprint of the two floors surrounding the Staircase of Intellectuality to re-imagine and modernize the spaces for the following services:

Learning Services:

  • Library
  • Technology Support
  • Writing and Math Labs
  • Learning Commons
  • Faculty Research Room

Wellness Services:

  • Counseling
  • Nurse
  • Campus Ministry and Sacred Heart Spiritual Center
  • Health and Wellness Classroom


Student Success Services:

  • National Center for Girls’ Leadership at Stuart
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB)
  • College Counseling 


Aligning with our Goals

In addition to establishing an expanded hub for collaborative research and learning, the center will bring together a network of offices and services united in ensuring student wellness, including spirituality and campus ministry, DEIB, health services and counseling. The synergies of these services strive to provide an environment, in alignment with the Sacred Heart Goals and Criteria, which fosters respect, values all individuals, and celebrates the contributions of all its members.

Events and Programs

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Meet the Programming Team

Missy Bruvik

Missy Bruvik

Lower and Middle School Physical Education, Head Field Hockey Coach
Megan Cianfrone

Megan Cianfrone

Assistant Director of Athletics, Athletics Trainer, US/MS Physical Education
Valentina Ezra

Valentina Ezra

Middle and Upper School Counselor
Hayes Honer

Hayes Honer

Lower School Counselor
Monique Jones

Monique Jones

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
Frances Lyons

Frances Lyons

Director of Athletics
Cynthia Michalak

Cynthia Michalak

Director of College Counseling
Samantha Ryan

Samantha Ryan

Upper School Health & Physical Education, Peer Leadership Moderator
Kristen Zosche

Kristen Zosche

Upper School Dean of Students, Middle School Cross Country Coach

Support Girls' Leadership at Stuart Today... and for a Lifetime

In less than two months, a group of generous donors and the Board of Trustees raised nearly $1.1M for Cor Cordis. All funds raised will directly support the people and programs that will make Stuart girls successful today, tomorrow, and for a lifetime. 

Your gift will be a game changer. Are you in? 

YES, I want to support the future of girls' leadership at Stuart

For Giving Opportunities

Contact Beth Marks '84, Director of Development

For Programming Questions

Contact Robert Missonis P'23, Assistant Head of School for Academic Leadership and Head of Middle School