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Summer Session for High School Students

Six-Week Virtual Courses
Synchronous and Asynchronous
June 17 through July 26 (No Class on July 4 and 5)
9 AM to Noon

Two-Week Virtual Course
July 15 through July 26
Materials released on Mondays

Review Course

Registration for Course Approval

Note: Payments will also be processed once courses are approved. Summer camp discounts do not apply to credit courses.

Stuart students wishing to advance in mathematics over the summer must seek approval from the STEM Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Anna Kachmarski (, prior to registering for a summer course.  Students may fill out this form if they are interested in advancing in math.  Students will receive an email from the Upper School STEM Coordinator to set up a time to meet and discuss their math progression.  Students interested in advancing should hold an A average in their current mathematics course and have the recommendation of their current math teacher.  Stuart students may only advance one math level during their time in the Upper School.  Any student who has been on college preparatory mathematics track for three years in the Upper School will not be eligible to advance in math for their senior year.  For example, a student who took Geometry, Algebra 2, and Precalculus will be recommended to enroll in Calculus or AP Calculus AB.  

Students transferring to Stuart wishing to advance in math should fill out this form and contact the Upper School Mathematics Department Chair to set up a time to meet and discuss their math progression.  Stuart students may only advance one math level during their time in the Upper School.

Students who do not attend Stuart and wish to register for a summer math credit course should complete the registration form below and email the completed form to Upper School STEM Coordinator, Ms. Anna Kachmarski (

Students who are entering their ninth grade year at Stuart will not be eligible to accelerate over the summer as the accelerated Integrated Math pathway will yield the same outcome of reaching Calculus 1&2 (AP Calculus BC) by their junior year.


Select the course you would like to register for. Payment will be done separately once the course is approved.required
First Name
Last Name (optional)
First Name
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Will you need Stuart to generate a transcript for your school? required

Stuart Math Credit Course Policies

1. Registration: Registration for Math Credit Courses closes on May 31st.  

2. Synchronous Class Structure: Students will engage with their math teacher online via Google Meet.  Students will be given synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities. Six week credit classes will meet Monday through Friday from June 17 to July 26 from 9AM-12PM.  Each teacher will have office hour meetings by appointment.  

Asynchronous Class Structure: The two week Trigonometry course and Advanced Precalculus course will be taught asynchronously.  Content will be released every week on Monday and will be due the following Sunday at 11:59PM.  Office hours will be available by appointment.

3. Rules for Synchronous Math Credit Courses: Students can only miss three full days of class. If they miss more than that they will not receive credit for the class.  If a student is tardy to class three times, it will count as one full day of class missed.  Students who are taking math credit classes who do not attend Stuart will be responsible for checking the policies for summer school work at their own school.  

The final exam will be given virtually on July 26 for all classes both synchronous and asynchronous. Please contact the Upper School STEM Curriculum Coordinator, Ms. Anna Kachmarski (, with any questions.  

Cancellation Policy: Registration for the Summer Math courses is completed via our website, and credit card payment in full is required at the time of registration. Cancellation and refunds are only possible if Stuart determines that there are not sufficient numbers to offer the course. 

By signing below, you indicate that you have read and understand the policies listed above and assert that everything filled out on this form is accurate.

Course Policiesrequired

Summer Faculty

Anna Kachmarski

Anna Kachmarski

STEM Coordinator, Upper School Math and Science, Varsity Volleyball Coach
Daniel McHale

Daniel McHale

Upper School Math
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