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Health & Wellness

Health Office

Counseling Services at Stuart

Individual Counseling

In order for students to perform well at school, it is important that they feel well. Oftentimes stress, lack of motivation, negative thoughts, friendship issues and life circumstances can get in the way of students feeling their best self. Through individual counseling, students have the opportunity to meet with a school counselor 1:1 to assess their wellbeing and learn about helpful coping strategies.  

Small Group Counseling

Small groups are a space for students to learn about each other’s experiences, practice self and social awareness and benefit from the support of their peers. 

Counseling Seminar

While counselors are available to provide individual and personal support, not every student seeks counseling and those who do seek counseling often wait until they are experiencing high levels of stress or crisis. In this course, students learn about their mental health and the process of their socio-emotional development. The class is engaging and the students participate in small-group discussions, activities, and research. By the end of the class, students are able to know essential information about the brain and its functions, when to seek help and how to practice self care to promote wellness. 

Social Emotional Learning Programing (Advisory)

The advisory program at Stuart is a social emotional learning opportunity for students to develop a sense of self and community while developing strong positive connections with themselves, peers and their teachers. The program is designed in alignment with CASEL competencies and the Sacred Heart Goals and criterias and it is a space where students can intentionally check in, work together, and reflect. 

Community Referrals 

Understanding that school counseling does not diagnose or replace treatment for mental illness, the counseling office offers referrals for appropriate support and care. We work in partnership with outside therapists, in/outpatient programs, psychiatrists, and other mental health programs to support the mental health needs of the students. 

Health & Wellness Staff

Valentina Ezra

Valentina Ezra

Middle and Upper School Counselor
Hayes Honer

Hayes Honer

Lower School Counselor