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Flag Ceremony

The Stuart community is preparing for its annual Flag Ceremony. Our first all-school event of the year, the Flag Ceremony is a celebration of the beautiful diversity here at Stuart. It serves as a powerful reminder that while we hail from many different nations, we learn, play, and work together.

This year, the Flag Ceremony will take place on Friday, September 22 at 10:00 AM. At the ceremony, members of Stuart’s faculty, staff and students gather in groups around the flag of their native country. They then process into Cor Unum together, carrying the flag of their country of origin or that of their parents and/or grandparents. Each country is announced alphabetically and flags are provided by Stuart. This year we are inviting participants to wear their cultural attire while walking with their flag. 

The Flag Ceremony is open to those members of the community who meet the following criteria:

  • Faculty/Staff: If you, your parents, and/or grandparents were born in another country.
  • Students: If you, your parents, and/or grandparents were born in another country. 

Faculty/Staff members and parents/guardians of students who wish to participate in the ceremony, must fill out the registration form. For those who identify with more than one country, please choose one country to join. You may alternate each year going forward. Siblings can register for different countries to represent the family's multicultural origin.


This form is not currently accepting submissions.
Flag Ceremony
Flag Ceremony