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Stuart students support one another because each one wants everyone to succeed. Kindness, empathy, and love are everywhere—from the collaborative spirit in and out of class to the understanding and respect for each other’s differences. You feel it in the bonds between students and between students and teachers—who are experts at teaching girls and fostering social and emotional, as well as intellectual growth. At Stuart it’s about all-girls, and it’s all about every girl.

On a typical day, each student has the opportunity to explore academic and extracurricular areas of interest, whether it is in the science lab, the ceramics studio, the nature trail, or on the basketball court; all of which build confidence and character. Students develop their leadership skills in academic and arts clubs, student government, sports and drama programs, and service to the community.

Student Life at Stuart Country Day School, Clubs & Activities
Student Life

Service Learning

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Exchange Programs

Sacred Heart Exchange Program at Stuart
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Clubs & Activities

Student Life at Stuart Country Day School, Clubs and Activities
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