Private All Girls School

Preschool-High School

Princeton, New Jersey

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Alicia Testa
STEM and SIFE Coordinator
Technology Innovation Specialist
Robotics Coach
609.921.2330 x4217

Joe Petitto
Director of Admissions and Events
609.921.2330 x4115
Direct: 609.921.6043


STEM in the Classroom

Inquiry-Based Curriculum

Our teachers get girls interested in STEM using inquiry-based curriculum, particularly suited for the way girls learn. In-depth, hands-on and real-world applications help our girls understand the relevance of STEM topics and how through a career in STEM, they can make the world a better place.

One Campus

Taking advantage of having girls in Lower, Middle and Upper School all in on one campus at Stuart, we ensure that even our youngest students benefit from dedicated facilities such as the MakerSpace and Futures Classroom, and the extensive knowledge of our specialist STEM faculty. Older and younger students have many opportunities to mentor and learn from each other.

Project-Based Learning Experiences

Through STEM-based programs, our girls are immersed in experiences which enable them to question, collaborate, think critically, problem solve, communicate and discover new knowledge: the essential building blocks for developing inquiring minds. Project-based work encourages students to explore materials and events, ask questions, investigate, record and represent their work, reflecting on what they have done and what it means. This allows them to create new theories or ideas about how the world works.