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Princeton, New Jersey

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Alicia Testa
STEM and SIFE Coordinator
Technology Innovation Specialist
Robotics Coach
609.921.2330 x4217

Joe Petitto
Director of Admissions and Events
609.921.2330 x4115
Direct: 609.921.6043



Stuart’s remarkable MakerSpace is a new design space dedicated to collaboration, creativity, and invention.

This isn't a stand-alone room. Our MakerSpace is used by faculty in all disciplines— from English and religion, to fine arts and chemistry. Subject teachers collaborate with our tech integrator every day to develop integrated, hands-on curriculum that is a natural extension of their classroom lessons. Since all of our students are on one campus, even our youngest girls in the Lower School are able to take advantage of what the MakerSpace has to offer.

The MakerSpace is equipped with:
  • MakerBot 3D printers
  • Epilog Laser Mini Helix laser engraver
  • 24" inch display Apple desktop computers
  • Makey Makey invention kits
  • Arduino microcontroller hardware and software
  • Raspberry Pi (credit card size) computers for programming
  • Soldering irons
  • Sewing machines

In our MakerSpace, our girls imagine and build, engineer and design, prototype and make. The challenges of trial and error lead to the joy of creation. The MakerSpace is stocked with a wide array of materials, electronics, hand and machine tools that allow our students to to realize their creations using wood, plastic, fabric and metal. Classes and individual students are welcome to come and explore digital fabrication, mechanical design, robotics, computer programming, electronics. Students begin to design, prototype, and learn project management.

Stuart’s MakerSpace is a flexible space that encourages hands-on and creative ways for students of all ages to design, experiment, build and invent. It provides our girls with opportunities to create using modern, technology-based, do-it-yourself (DIY) activities that have recently become known as the Maker Movement. The Maker Movement recognizes many categories of activities including robotics, 3-D printing, woodworking, metalworking, electronics, textiles, laser engraving/cutting, and computers.

With all of these areas open to our girls, the potential possibilities of Stuart’s MakerSpace is endless! Our goal is to get every girl, K-12, to experience the joy and satisfaction of building something with their own hands.