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¡Votar! Upper School students create posters to inspire voting in Hispanic communities

¡Votar! Upper School students create posters to inspire voting in Hispanic communities

An election year is an empowering time for students to use the skills and knowledge gained in classroom to have a direct impact at the local and national level, especially when there is a need for equity among voter voice. Students in Nancy Solomon's Spanish 1 through AP classes recently created posters to encourage members of Hispanic communities to vote in the 2020 election. Click here to see the impressive posters and pictures of a few students putting their posters on display in the local area. Two of the students pictured share their reflections on the assignment: 

"For me, creating the voting flyer in Spanish reflected the purpose of voting itself: to take everyone’s voice into account because America’s diversity is its greatest asset. This year was also the first time I voted in an election myself, so I hope that my poster can answer for others some of the questions that I’ve had too. Overall, the project reinforced my political vocabulary in Spanish and will empower me to have important discussions in the future!" - Misha Meyer '21

"I absolutely loved this project! I think it is so important to inform people about the importance of voting. It is especially important to reach the non-English speaking community because they are so often excluded from this process. Señora Solomon created a perfect project that used our improving Spanish skills to reach the Spanish speaking community. It feels great to be included in such a crucial part of our democracy and to know we played a part in making sure every voice is heard. I hope our posters spark election conversation in all communities!" - Anna Landers '23