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Upper School students recognized with academic awards at Prize Day

Prize Day is a Sacred Heart tradition, a time when academic awards and recognitions are given – a day we celebrate the many accomplishments of every one of our students. Each student is on a journey to receive the highest award we give, the Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart diploma. During Prize Day, members of the junior class are recognized by faculty members for their academic achievement and traditional Sacred Heart awards are given to students in each division. The ceremony concluded by recognizing the seniors with department awards and the pinnacle Goal Awards given to five members of the senior class who have embodied a specific Goal throughout her time at Stuart. 

Below is the list of special honorees. Click here for photos

The Alan Pugh Award is given to a member of the Junior Class who exhibits both intellectual curiosity and respect, acceptance and concern for others.  The recipient of this award is: MIA ZEBRAUSKAS

The University of Rochester Bausch and Lomb Science Award for Outstanding Achievement in Science is presented to:  ABIGAIL SNYDER

The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Award, given by the University of Rochester, is awarded to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to understanding and addressing difficult social issues, has leadership and dedication to community action, and has strong grades and taken rigorous courses in the humanities and social sciences. This year’s recipient is: SYDNEY AMATO

The Hubert Alyea Award, sponsored by Princeton University and the Princeton section of the American Chemical Society, is given to an outstanding student in the study of the sciences. This candidate has demonstrated "enthusiasm for the study of sciences and has distinguished themselves as a student who excels in chemistry and related scientific disciplines." This year's recipient is: LUCY SIMON

The Princeton Book Award, given by the Princeton Area Alumni Association, recognizes a student whom the school faculty believes has demonstrated “overall academic excellence and exemplary community service or civic engagement." ANNA LANDIS

The Rensselaer Medal is awarded to promising secondary school students who have distinguished themselves in mathematics and science.  This year’s recipient is: EMILY MA

The Smith Book Award honors outstanding juniors with significant academic potential and a commitment to making a difference in their communities. It is awarded to a student who exemplifies academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others. This year’s recipient is: EMILY IX

The Yale Book Award is given to a junior who exemplifies outstanding personal character and intellectual promise. This year's recipient is: LUCY SIMON

The James J Hughes, Jr. Sports Award is presented to a junior who has demonstrated strong athletic ability, serious commitment to her sport, and great sportsmanship to all. This year, we have two recipients.

Congratulations to: LILY HARLAN and EMILY IX

The Barat Award, instituted by Student Government and selected by students, recognizes one student from each grade who demonstrates self-sacrifice, compassion, respect for self and others, courtesy, a sense of balance and good judgment, and overall citizenship. 





The Head of School Award, established in Honor of Sister Frances de la Chapelle, is selected by faculty, and is presented to a student in each of the four grades who through the process of challenging herself and by her willingness to take risks, has grown in self-awareness and has positively impacted the quality of life in the Upper School.  




Grade 12: KEYA PATEL

Departmental Awards are presented to graduating students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in one or more disciplines.  The recipients are selected by the faculty in each department.

The English awards for writing and outstanding achievement in all areas of English are presented to: AUDREY BLANDFORD and AMANDA LONG

The Departmental Award for History is presented to: SARA STILLITANO

The Departmental Award for Mathematics is presented to: CAROLINE CHEN

The Departmental Award for Computer Science is presented to: KEYA PATEL

The Peter and Delia Mark Departmental Award for Science is presented to: SONYA JIN

The Theology Department recognizes outstanding students for their commitment to and proficiency in theological studies. Beginning this year the department is giving two awards. The Bishop Ahr Medal is awarded to a senior who has demonstrated a commitment to and academic proficiency in, theology: The medal is presented to: AUDREY BLANDFORD

The prize for French is awarded in honor of Madame Hilda Ronel, former Stuart French Teacher. It is presented to a Senior who enthusiastically embraces the French language, literature and culture. The prize is awarded to: KELSIE BOUYER

The Mary Anne Guerrero Award for Spanish was established by a Stuart Family. It is awarded to a Senior who demonstrates mastery of the Spanish language, and reflects a passion for the cultures and literature of the Spanish-speaking world. Congratulations to: ANGELA CIRELLI

The Departmental Award for Latin is presented to: CAROLINE CHEN

The Visual and Performing Arts Department is honored to acknowledge several outstanding students for their accomplishments in the Arts at Stuart and in the Greater community.

For her commitment to using her art as a catalyst for change in the world–  The visual art award is given to: DIYA PAUL

For her persistence and remarkable ability to connect the earth sciences with art and lead students in the National Art Honor Society. The visual art award is given to: ANGELINA YE

The Digital Art Award is presented to: NOELIA MANION

For her commitment to leadership in stage management, The Performing Arts Award for Technical Theater is awarded to: LAUREN GRACIAS

For her outstanding performances at every Stuart show and her commitment to sharing her commitment to Film and Theater, The Performing Arts Award for Performance is awarded to: PAIGE ROSICA

This year we have two Department Awards in Music to recognize two seniors who have shown an outstanding commitment to our musical community while at Stuart. 

Our first recipient is recognized for her lifelong passion for music and creativity, which she will continue as she pursues her studies in the Recording and Entertainment Industry next fall. Congratulations to: AMANDA LONG

Our second recipient is recognized for her musical excellence and artistry as a violinist, and for her musical achievements on both local and international scales. Congratulations to: SONYA JIN

The Carrol Florkiewicz Award, established in 2004, is named in honor of Carrol Florkiewicz, who for many years served as Athletic Director, Coach, and Chair of the Physical Education and Health Department.  This award is presented to an outstanding senior athlete who has demonstrated mastery of athletic skills on Stuart athletic teams. The Carrol Florkiewicz Award is presented to: KAITLYN MAGNANI and JADYN PIOTROWSKI

Leadership Endorsement: We are excited to celebrate the seniors who have taken all the necessary steps to fully develop their leadership potential through the Leadership Endorsement Program. This year we award the National Center for Girls' Leadership Pin to these recipients. It is our hope that you will wear your NCGLS pin to all future Leadership Programming, Conferences, and speaking engagements, as we will be asking you to continue to act as a mentor to our school community even after you graduate. 

The following students have completed all the requirements of the Leadership Endorsement.

The Senior Goal Awards being presented today reflect Stuart’s commitment to the goals and criteria of Sacred Heart Education. 


Our Goal I Award honors RSCJ Margarita Condell. Affectionately known as “Madame,” Margarita Condell came to Stuart in 1964 as a beloved French teacher. She left Stuart in 1985 at the age of 84 to take her vows to become a Religious of the Sacred Heart. This year’s recipient exemplifies the respect, compassion, and spiritual faith that are at the center of the first Sacred Heart Goal. She is recognized by her classmates for her selflessness and compassion. By her teachers, she is described as a compassionate and generous friend and classmate. During our school-wide liturgies, she can be found leading readings and responsorials with great poise and humbly offers communion to her peers. Watching her in this solemn setting, it’s clear that she takes her role very seriously but also gets joy from contributing to Stuart in this way.


Bright and industrious, she is that rare student who strives every day to uplift those around her and is motivated to do good for the Stuart community and beyond. She has learned that she has the power to take action, and that the strength of her voice can affect change. Indeed, she has grown immensely as a leader over her four years at Stuart; she’s comfortable in her own skin, possesses a willingness to grow and change, and as a result, she is the person whom teachers and peers go to if the job must get done. A student who has embraced the challenge of adding academic rigor each year, she is noted by her teachers for her focus and curiosity. She is also known for contributing thoughtful questions and ideas to discussions, shining analytical essays, and a deeply committed work ethic alongside a genuine love of learning.


The Goal III RSCJ Service Award is presented to a student who never fails to serve others before herself.  Her generosity of spirit is deeply embedded in her daily life and the above and beyond ways she serves her community.  
Highly intelligent and a passionate, independent thinker, she is a pillar of the Stuart community in a number of ways. 
She is heavily involved in the school and intensely dedicated to its betterment, and on a daily basis she challenges all of us to live up to the ideals that we as a school community profess. As a junior, this student was also selected to serve as the student representative on Stuart’s inaugural DEI Board. In this role, she had the opportunity to advocate academic and social policy changes to our administration based on her research of other students. And, she has received support for her work in spades from her peers and teachers alike. Through everything she does, she wholeheartedly desires to leave the world better and brighter than she found it; her aspirations are earnest and her soul well meaning. She is the rare teenager with a true sense of purpose. With each move she makes, she is collaborative, reflective, and insightful.


This year’s recipient of the Goal IV award embodies an energy, spirit, and sense of leadership that has been a driving force in developing our school community. With the laughter and vigor she brings to the academic and social scene at Stuart, her very presence makes you feel better. Charming, sincere, witty and very much her own person, she is someone who enjoys all the moments of learning, whether success or struggle. Teachers collectively say that she brings a real excitement to her studies, and her gifts and hard work make her a wonderful student to teach. Yet, she is incredibly modest for all her talents, and she is forever encouraging her classmates and allowing them the space to get involved too. She is one of Stuart’s bright lights, and as such, it is remarkably easy to get caught up in superlatives when describing her. She is just that kind of rare young woman.

The Goal Five Faculty Award is presented to a student whose time at Stuart has been a story of growth. Courageous and a risk taker, this awardee possesses an outstanding work ethic and positive, can-do attitude that all leads to her ability to persist and thrive regardless of what’s thrown at her. She’s also the rare student who knows her purpose—why she’s working hard and doing all that she does. Here at Stuart, she has become a vocal self-advocate, asking for support when needed and leveraging this to produce strong, thoughtful work in her classes. In spite of the language hurdles placed in her path, she has committed to excellence, bringing her unwavering positivity, her infectiously warm and uplifting smile, her dogged work ethic, her deep integrity, and her sharp critical mind to all she does. Her desire to use her education to help others in her future career is clear and definitive.She is an amazing, ambitious, and values-driven young woman—and all of her skills and characteristics will make her an excellent college student and addition to your campus.
Congratulations to: