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Junior named Affiliate in 2024 Paul Robeson Scholars & Fellows Program

Junior named Affiliate in 2024 Paul Robeson Scholars & Fellows Program

Congratulations to junior Amanda Guadalupe on being named an Affiliate in the 2024 Paul Robeson Scholars & Fellows Program. The Robeson Scholars & Fellows Program was developed to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of youth and young adults who have committed themselves to the expansion of a sustainable and broad vision of Robesonian social justice. 

This exceptional group of young visionaries from diverse backgrounds across the country embody Robeson’s enduring legacy. They draw inspiration from Robeson’s life, advocating for equality and the power of unified voices to influence generational change.

The opportunity to apply was open to all Upper School students through the Office of DEIB, and Amanda applied for the Artist Award category. Below, Amanda shares what inspired her to apply and how Stuart's welcoming environment has not only strengthened her confidence and sense of belonging but has inspired her to empower others. 

How did you learn about the opportunity and what inspired you to apply?

I first learned about the opportunity to apply for the Paul Robeson Scholar and Fellow Artist Award through an email shared by Ms. Jones with the Upper School. As I delved into the details of the award and learned about Paul Robeson's life and achievements, I was deeply struck by his unwavering commitment to advocating for social justice and equality. He was a man who not only excelled in multiple fields - as an actor, singer, athlete, and civil rights activist - but also dedicated his talents to uplifting marginalized communities and challenging systemic injustices. His courage, resilience, and unwavering belief in the power of unified voices to effect change left an indelible impression on me. Inspired by Robeson's legacy, I realized that I, too, could use my art as a way to challenge stereotypes, celebrate diversity, and empower individuals to embrace their identities confidently and have their voices heard, free from fear, judgment, or exclusion. By doing so, we can collectively work towards building a more inclusive, equitable, and just society for all.


How has Stuart supported you and inspired you to want to empower others? 

Entering high school, I anticipated being surrounded by new faces and diverse backgrounds, eager for the opportunity to connect with others. However, reality hit hard, and I found myself struggling to find my voice and connect with my peers. My timid nature became more prevalent than ever, leading to feelings of isolation and invisibility. Despite these challenges, I remained steadfast in refusing to sacrifice my authenticity nor my beliefs or values for the sake of fitting in. Recognizing the need for change, I longed for a supportive environment where differences were embraced, and everyone felt valued and respected, which ultimately led me to Stuart. From the very first day that I stepped through the doors of Stuart, I discovered a supportive and inclusive community that welcomed me with open arms. Instead of enduring whispers and isolation, I found acceptance and a true sense of belonging. Encouraged by the supportive and welcoming environment of Stuart, my once timid and faint voice grew powerful, fueled by a desire to empower others to express themselves without fear of judgment or exclusion. Guided each day by Stuart's goals and ethos, I am committed to creating spaces where individuals feel seen, heard, and valued and to continue collaborating with others to enact lasting change.