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Junior leadership endorsement candidates present independent projects

Junior leadership endorsement candidates present independent projects

In their third year as Leadership Endorsement candidates, the juniors conduct an independent study to pursue an interest or develop a new skill. Students work with mentors either within the Stuart adult community or professionals in a related field and work toward a final product - whether a website, a data set, or a portfolio. Last week, juniors presented their work to the endorsement chairs on topics such as A Passion Discovered: Digital Arts Portfolio, The Evolution of Mermaids, Screen vs Paper: Testing Reading Retention, Effects of Haritaki on Aerobic Bacteria, Paper Airplanes in Flight, Mealworm: A Novel Approach to White Pollution, Numerical Cognition in Jumping Spiders, Seeds to Sew: A Case Study of Nonprofits and Small Businesses and Stuart. For many students, the Junior Venture project provides a unique opportunity to explore a potential college field of study or career path just as they are starting the college search process.