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Announcing the Class of 2023 College Decisions!

Announcing the Class of 2023 College Decisions!

The Class of 2023 will be attending 28 different colleges and universities around the United States. About a third of our students will pursue STEM fields and a third plan to study the arts, humanities, and social sciences. One student will continue her athletics career playing Division 1 field hockey. Keep reading for the complete list and testimonials from some of the seniors. 

In her remarks to the entire school, during Wednesday's college celebration, Director of College Counseling Cindy Michalak recognized what made this day special for the seniors was that their Stuart family were there to honor this tremendous milestone in one's high school career. "And what’s most fun is this moment when every senior knows where they’re going to college and we get to celebrate not only the next steps in their educational and life journeys, but the hard work that went into making it to this point."

Head of Upper School Marissa Muoio closed out the gathering with a blessing for these 33 incredible individuals who have already left their mark on the school and in the lives of others. "You are the raw and unfinished, unpolished gems of this world, and it is your duty to shine as brightly as you can. You must not settle for small, insignificant accomplishments, for your purpose in life is far greater than that. Your education was not meant to make you small and finished, but to set you on a path towards greatness.

As you step out into the world, armed with self-knowledge, energy, and purpose, know that you have the power to shape the course of your own life and the lives of those around you. Do not drift aimlessly with the stream of life, but set your sights on the horizon and let your potential guide you towards your destiny."

Congratulations, seniors! Click here for the official college matriculation list