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Read the winning Middle School poems about the Stuart Woods

Read the winning Middle School poems about the Stuart Woods

The Upper School Writing Center recently held a poetry contest for Middle School students to write poems about the Stuart Woods. The winners had an opportunity to read their poems to classmates at Morning Meeting. Below are the poems by Fatima, Allison and Maisie. Congratulations! 

Stuart Woods
By Fatima 
As the night turns to dazzling day,
where all forest trees greet the light
and birds and hawks take flight
to return to feed their loved ones.
Down below lays the soft ground that cushions your feet,
the quiet moss sinks through your toes very peacefully 
for the smell of the moss and soil,
so earthy and sweet.
Blended in with the soothing feeling, 
the sound of the stream that hurries along
overflowing with ripples that rush away
treasuring pebbles that are strange, smooth, and sparkling 
colors of brown, purple, orange, and gray.
And the songs of the leaves, birds, happiness,
that calms you to sleep
the cool breeze whispers in you ear:
“Run, run away, and never stop, for it is Freedom you’ll meet.”
Shading everything below,
grows magnificent skyscrapers
so tall and grand, 
its pedestal is covered in bark 
that massages your hand.
Its smell of pine filters the air,
They are home to mischievous squirrels and birds everywhere.
There are insects and eagles with their nests so high,
singing songs and melodies 
as they jump to fly.
And just beyond those marvelous trees,
beyond the stream of curiosity 
there grows a rose bush,
red velvet and emerald 
shimmering with dew from the previous showers,
and armed with thorns making it the most beautiful flowers.
The Stuart woods are filled with fascination and surprise,
ones that grow and bloom
just like any other girl who thrives.

The Forest 
by Allison 

Boarding a boat,
Sailing to sea,
Life wasn’t expected to be such an enmity,
Off of the ship and onto the shore,
Finally with land and trees of assort,

In search of a place where pupils could learn,
So tangible yet unable to send for,
Finally one day upon an arrest,
Finally it was to be seen, 
A glade and a doe,
So silent and peaceful,
Almost unreal.

This was the place it was decided to be,
With the great forest of tranquility and blest,
Minds become calm and hearts a rest,
Where myriads and poplars surrounded the rest,
And as time goes slow,
And breath is mellow,
In the heart of solitude,
A suppressed silence comes alive,
A swaying in the leaves,
A wind whispering through the trees,
A spirit running through the water,
Careless and bold, without a dream of woe.

So it was decided to be,
After one quick glance,
It spoke to her like a mighty big cloud,
Stuart, is that not thou?

And so it happened brick by brick,
Emerald green walls, 
Pane by pane,
The school for her pupils was coming alive,
And finally one day, the last brick was laid,
And the last desk was made and the school was ready to fill,
It’s magical beauty and breathtaking unrest,
Caused the founder Stuart to beam with pride,
And as she stood on her perch,
She saw past the panes of glass,
Through the forest of trees,
To the spot of the glade and the deer,
She loved it so much and her dream came to be,

A beautiful place, 
With the stream rushing past,
Carrying the life of nature surrounding it,
Through the fields and hills, 
And all throughout the thicket of trees,
Her wildest dreams had come to be, 
That majestic glade so strong and clear.

Now as I stand facing the trees,
The beauty of the stage surrounding me,
Is the perfect place to call a home,
Life can be a mire,
Stuck in the present,
Where thoughts become obscure,
But whenever I escape,
A dream of a place,
Called the forest of Stuart,
Which we will always know,
As the humble place of the beginning we know.

Stuart Woods 
By Maisey

Take me away, to something beautiful
Into the woods, leaving the sorrowful
Nature at peace, love it with ease
Take me away to the beautiful.
True as my heart, lovely as art
Into the woods we will go.
Sometimes escaping is crucial,
Sometimes real things are too brutal.
Take me away to something I love,
Take me away to something above,
Let me fly, as high as the sky, and
Only come down when I chose too.
Let me escape, the real world below,
Let me take you, and let me show,
That the woods are simply beautiful.

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