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First graders turn historians to study Sacred Heart schools around the world

The first grade “Hyacinths” have been working on a year-long social studies project called "Historians of the Heart." By integrating multiple disciplines like art, literacy and math, the girls have spent time learning about the goals, Sacred Heart women & history, Stuart history, and Sacred Heart schools in the United States. Now that they have completed their tour of North American schools, they are on to the international network! Their trip around the world will wrap up in May, but we wanted to share this teaser and their reflections from the journey, including their favorite school to draw. 

What have the girls learned and enjoyed so far from learning about our Network of Schools? 

  • “I liked writing about The Hyacinths. That’s our class. I liked knowing all of the other first grade names.” - Alexa 
  • “I like when we did the tour of the Sacred Spaces. It was fun because we got to go on the steps of the Chapel and skip back. I like that there are big and open steps because if you have bigger feet or bigger legs it’s welcome to all.” - Bella 
  • “I liked learning about other schools because you learn what their uniforms are like, and you learn stuff about it, and their mascot, and what it looks like and that’s what I like about it.”- Moira 
  • “My favorite thing was doing my writing about Michigan and writing about Convent and Stuart Hall.” - Noelle
  • “I liked looking at all the schools and my favorite one was the one in Chicago. It’s called Hardy Prep. I picked it because I used to live there!” - Ahana 
  • “I liked drawing Carrollton because it was really pretty and I liked how it looks because it’s pink and that’s my favorite color.”  - Jordan
  • I like when we learned about schools in the United States. I was in charge of the map. So I helped people hang up their school logo.” - Lulu
  • “I really liked when we looked at the map and the map was up and then we made really good illustrations about the schools. I really liked the decorations we made [in the hallway to tell people about our exhibit.] - Jamila 
  • “I liked painting Atherton because I love using colors.” - Layla
  • “One thing I like to do for Historians of the Heart was getting to do all the things and arts and crafts and making Sacred Heart Stuffy School.” - Charlotte 
  • “I liked publishing because I love writing.” - Amy 

Watch a video below for a tour of the first leg of the Sacred Heart journey


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