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Celebrating Cultural Richness: Lunar New Year Across Stuart

Celebrating Cultural Richness: Lunar New Year Across Stuart

As we usher in the Lunar New Year, the Stuart community has embraced the rich traditions and vibrant celebrations associated with one of the most significant festivals among East and Southeast Asian cultures. Marking the commencement of the Year of the Dragon on February 10, our festivities spanned across the divisions, reflecting the diverse and inclusive spirit of our school.

In EC, the celebrations began with the decoration of the classroom, thanks to the dedicated efforts of Jeanne and Christian. Their contribution extended beyond decor; they crafted lanterns, a symbol of the festival, which were joyfully received by our students. The mini Lantern Festival they organized was a joyful experience, combining the fun of choosing lanterns, solving riddles and enjoying traditional treats, introducing our youngest students to the cultural significance of Lunar New Year.

The JK welcomed Lucas’s parents, Yuyang Fan and Yingqing Zhang, who generously shared their Lunar New Year traditions. Through storytelling, the gift of lanterns, ornaments, window stickers and the symbolic red envelopes, and the sharing of Chinese crackers, they offered a hands-on and tasty learning experience. 

Second Grade students had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the Lunar New Year celebrations through an engaging presentation by Ara Jo, Xing Li, Jun Wang, and Zhong Zheng. They brought in an array of traditional foods and items, providing a sensory-rich experience that deepened our students’ understanding and appreciation of this festive occasion.

In Middle School, the Lunar New Year was a focal point of discussion during the MS morning meeting reflection session centered around the theme of the new year and the year of the dragon with students sharing how their individual families celebrate, demonstrating the diversity that exists within Lunar New Year traditions. The discussion culminated in a reflective prayer, bringing the division together as one community.

The Upper School activities were highlighted by a collaborative event in the USRC, where students engaged in a lantern-making activity led by members of RepresentAsian. This activity not only symbolized the festive spirit but also served as a creative outlet for students to connect with the cultural essence of the Lunar New Year.