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Members of the Stuart faculty and staff honored with annual Sacred Heart Goal Awards

Members of the Stuart faculty and staff honored with annual Sacred Heart Goal Awards

Our outstanding faculty and staff lead and mentor by example every day at Stuart. Each year those who truly exemplify a specific Sacred Heart Goal and its Criteria are nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Board of Trustees to receive an award.

On Thursday, June 8, the 2023 recipients were announced at our Recognition Ceremony along with the members of our faculty and staff celebrating milestone years of service. Students earning Lifer status and those that are on their way to earning such an honor with over 10 years at Stuart were also recognized. Scroll down for the complete list.

Prior year recipients of the Goal Awards were invited on stage to announce this year's awardees with Head of School Julia Wall. 

Congratulations to the following individuals: 

Goal I - Junior Kindergarten Teacher Karen Poch. 

Goal 1 calls us to educate to a personal and active faith in God. The criteria under Goal I call us to reflect an ethos of joy, hope and celebration and to nurture the spiritual lives of all. 

Goal II - Middle School Math Teacher Susan Lee

Goal II calls us to educate to a deep respect for intellectual values. The criteria under Goal II call Sacred Heart educators to offer challenging experiences that inspire intellectual curiosity and to utilize space and the physical environment in alignment with best practices. 

Goal III - Early Childhood Teacher and Lower School DEIB Coordinator Juana Rosario

Goal III commits us to educating to a social awareness which impels to action. Criteria that reflect how we live Goal III call us to engage in direct service, advocacy, outreach and to develop a lifelong commitment to service. 

Goal IV - Director of Human Resources Annie Crawford

Goal IV calls us to educate to the building of community as a Christian value. The key criteria under Goal IV call us to promote the inherent dignity of each person and to strive for relationships that are characterized by inclusion and mutual respect. 

Goal V - Upper School Learning Specialist Liz Maurer

Goal V calls us to foster personal growth within an atmosphere of wise freedom. The new criteria under Goal V asks students and faculty to grow in courage and confidence as we learn from our mistakes and to develop empathy and exercise resilience in meeting challenges.


Below are the faculty and staff who celebrated milestones of service to Stuart and/or Sacred Heart schools: 

5 Years
Elizabeth (Liz) Maurer
Hilary Morris
Karen Poch
Monica Vogel
Brendan Wright

10 Years
Susan Lee
Catherine (Cathy) Murphy
Jane (Benji) Orr
Thomas (Tom) Tucker

15 Years
Maureen Pfeffer


Student Recognition For 10+ Years of Attendance At Stuart
Giselle Jean-Marie
Alexander Mandzij
Maya Dev
Alexandra Durish
Nyla Flamer
Emily Harlan
Milla Kress
Allison Lee
Riley Norton
Kadance Robinson
Lauren Lee
Eileen Lesinski
Claire McLaughlin
Ellery Badros
Alice Burke
Elaina Ryan
Julia Walker
Lucia Lopez-Watt
Veeksha Pakalapati

Student Recognition For Lifer
Sydney Amato 
Alisa Deczynski 
Stella Firmenich 
Lily Harlan 
Emily Ix 
Grace LaNasa
Anna Landis
Madisen Leggett 
Margaret Lesinski
Molly Missonis 

Click here for photos from the ceremony