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Thanksgiving Food Drive starts on Monday, November 12

Thanksgiving Food Drive starts on Monday, November 12

The annual Thanksgiving Food Drive kicks off on Monday, November 12. As part of Stuart's long-standing Thanksgiving tradition, we participate in a food drive for Mt. Carmel Guild. The Upper School Campus Ministry and Outreach Committees will use the donated food to construct a spiritual mandala in the Front Hall. Once completed, the mandala will be displayed in front of the Mater window until the students pack it up and take it to Mt. Carmel Guild. Donations are determined by grade level for students and by division for faculty and staff. Please contact Dr. Soler at with questions.

Below is a list of donations requested by grade level:

EC: gravy packets or cans
K: canned potatoes
1st: instant mashed potatoes
2nd: bags of rice
3rd: stuffing
4th: quick bread mixes, cornbread
LS faculty: pasta
5th: jello or pudding
6th: tea bags
7th: coffee
8th: hot chocolate
MS faculty: canned fruit
9th: juice boxes
10th: shelf milk (including cow, almond and soy milks)
11th: pre-packaged cookies
12th: canned vegetables
US faculty: sugar packets (both real & artificial sweeteners)
Admin & staff: jelly

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