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All School Art Exhibit showcases students' talents and intellectual interests

All School Art Exhibit showcases students' talents and intellectual interests

The All School Art Exhibit, held every spring, is an expression of the visual arts, the intellectual interest of our students, and a reflection on the contemporary issues of our culture. The Upper and Middle School students bring a broad range of qualities in their work, from detailed compositions and use of color to thoughtful processes that speak about the talent and discipline of our students. We can appreciate the photographic vision of our participants with the impressive amount of work and poetic sensibilities. Throughout the show, we can also perceive imaginaries, narratives, and creative levels. It has been a wonderful, intense and productive year.

The artwork in our Lower School has been inspired by nature. We explored different techniques to produce art and develop our biodiversity collection and experience. We observed animals, worked with materials and studied form. We celebrated Africa in connection to the fourth grade performance of Lion King KIDS by creating masks and sculptures as a group. Different grades designed and worked on the masks to create an installation for the exhibition. Process is a key element in our studio; each participant has a folder to express her ideas and progress. At the exhibition we displayed ceramic sculptures for each group and material explorations in the art department.

The art show opened with a reception on the night of the Middle and Upper School Spring Concert. The following day, Lower School students participated in an art crawl around campus. Their teachers created different projects to learn about the artwork with their students. Mr. Duque supported the learning process with an open studio to answer questions about the various types of art created by the Middle and High School students. During his classes, they visited the show to sketch and talk about their favorite projects. Having an exhibition with different materials, techniques and levels help our students develop their own perspective.

We hope to share the wonderful projects with all in our Stuart community.

Click here for photos from the opening reception and art crawl or view in the slideshow below.

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