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Stuart Board of Trustees honors five faculty and staff members with 2019 Sacred Heart Goal Awards

Stuart Board of Trustees honors five faculty and staff members with 2019 Sacred Heart Goal Awards

Our outstanding faculty and staff lead and mentor by example every day at Stuart. Each year those who truly exemplify a specific Sacred Heart Goal and its Criteria are nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Board of Trustees to receive an award. On Wednesday, June 5, the 2019 recipients were announced at the Faculty Recognition Assembly in front of the school. We applaud these men and women who live and breathe life into the words that make up our Sacred Heart Goals.

Congratulations to the 2019 recipients:

Goal 1: Marty Arsenault

Goal I calls us to educate to a personal and active faith in God. In reviewing all seven of the criteria we are expected to explore, seek, promote, engage in, affirm, foster or present ourselves as a part of living out Goal 1, Marty does them all! One of his colleagues wrote, "Marty generously shares his gifts. He eagerly leads discussions, retreats and prayer services. He brings a calm, open, thoughtful and understanding presence making people feel safe to express, explore and experience faith. He welcomes discussion, is a wealth of knowledge and is nonjudgmental as students and adults share their faith and/or question and struggle with their personal beliefs."

Another colleague noted how he "integrates issues of multiculturalism, respect, compassion and natural history all under the umbrella of religious studies and the teachings of Jesus. What he does in his classroom positively affects his students' performance in other classes." We couldn't agree more wholeheartedly with this final observation: "Having lunch with Marty will give one a sense of how knowledgeable he is, how passionate he is about his work and he will leave you feeling more enlightened and empowered than you were before you sat down with him."

Goal II: Allison Kohler

Goal II calls us to educate to a deep respect for intellectual values. Of the six criteria that are a part of Goal II, four are directly related to teaching and all are demonstrated daily in Allison's classes. Her curriculum is grounded in the Goals and Criteria, incorporates all forms of critical thinking that inspires a life-long love of learning, develops the creative use of imagination, and recognizes the individual needs of her students. Allison's colleagues all spoke of her joy of her subject, willingness to do everything from tending chickens, running LEGO robotics, chaperoning dances, organizing PBL work - all while pursuing a masters degree! One of her colleagues likened her to Miss Frizzle from the Magic School Bus as she noted that she transports students on exciting adventures, shares her passion for science through carefully-planned hands-on lessons, and sometimes wears science-themed clothes. It is obvious, that Allison truly loves teaching and really enjoys sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for science with our girls.

Goal III: Dominique Kucharczuk

Goal III commits us to educating to a social awareness which impels to action. Criteria that reflect how we live Goal III calls us to act for justice, instill a life-long commitment to service and to inspire our students to be active, informed and responsible citizens locally, nationally and globally. If we want our girls to internalize these key facets of Goal III we must begin early. Dominique brings these criteria to life for some of our youngest students. A colleague wrote of her commitment to the Send Hunger Packing program noting that it "has been a wonderful and consistent lesson to our girls to always remember others. Running it as a true program involves the first grade in thoughtful planning and execution. This is not simply dropping off a canned good, but rather thoughtful intentional and reflective."

We are thankful to Dominique for involving the entire Lower School in Send Hunger Packing and for carefully weaving the measuring, weighing and tallying of the food donated into the 1st grade curriculum! She has empowered our Lower School girls to be the difference makers of tomorrow.

Goal IV: Walt Cupit

Goal IV calls us to educate to the building of community as a Christian value. The key criteria under Goal IV speak to promoting a welcoming environment where each person is valued, cared for and respected, educating students in the heritage and mission of the Sacred Heart and teaching skills needed to build community. Walt greets our youngest students (and their parents) every morning and sends our bus riders off at the end of school each day. One of his colleagues said, "He is there for our comings and our goings, and all the time in between. He talks to all of us, guides the little and middle and big ones, along with errant faculty members and staff. He is a constant, funny, informed presence." And of course, several affirmed that all good things that happen in our largest community space, Cor Unum, are critically supported by Walt's technical expertise. Most, however, spoke of his volunteer spirit. They noted the 15 years of service Walt has given Stuart's Appalachian Service Program across West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, living and modeling Goal III. In addition, many mentioned his willingness to help chaperone trips, provide power tools and the support in using them as well and his help with the chicken coop. Walt has touched us all daily and we are grateful for his care!

Goal V: Amanda McCarther

Goal V calls us to foster personal growth within an atmosphere of wise freedom. Amanda strongly supports each of the underlying criteria, most importantly those that call us to show respect for others, to help our students grow in self-knowledge and self-confidence, and to provide opportunities for all to share their knowledge and gifts. Your colleagues note that she truly models Goal V in both her words and actions. Amanda developed our Peer-to-Peer Program for our international students, and through it and in her role as ELL teacher, has helped these young women strongly take their place in a new school in a new country. Through her involvement in both productions of HerStory, she helped our girls of color develop their leadership skills as they sewed costumes, created dances, shared their talent and told their story. Amanda's active participation on our Diversity and Inclusion Committee as well as in Stuart's first Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity cohort have been valued contributions to Stuart's work to be more equitable and inclusive. She sets an example for all what it means to be a Child of the Sacred Heart - living each of the goals so robustly and in particular Goal V! We thank Amanda for being such a difference maker in the development of wise freedom in our girls.

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