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State Fair culminates 2nd grade study of civics and society

State Fair culminates 2nd grade study of civics and society

The second grade has been working all year to foster community and think about civics and society. The citizens of 2ndton recently presented the USA State Fair. This project addressed standards in reading, writing and social studies. The girls talked about issues ranging from citizenship and government to fact versus opinion as well as how to write a piece with supporting evidence.

Concurrently, in art class, the second graders sketched, and created oil pastel compositions and collages with transparencies to explore the use of light in a window display. They practiced the use of shapes, color and textures. They developed an understanding of portraits and their importance in helping to represent history.

For the USA State Fair, each girl researched a state and wrote about the history, economics, weather and land features of that state. They also researched important people in the state and wrote a biography about their lives, working to pull out key ideas from non fiction texts. The girls included details about the state such as sports teams and how to get there from Princeton.

The final piece was a persuasive piece written to one of the senators of their state about a problem they would like them to help with. The girls researched and wrote about issues surrounding disappearing animal habitats, workers rights, gun control, nuclear testing and gerrymandering.

The project culminated with a celebration called the "State Fair" where the citizens of 2ndton celebrated with patriotic songs, jokes, square dancing, games, portrait drawing, fortune telling, an Apple Pie Cafe, New Jersey art gallery and a poster display showcasing all of their hard work. See photos in the slide show below or in our photo gallery. Bravo, 2nd grade!

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