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Staff Spotlight: 4 questions with Director of Technology Alex Krupitsch

Staff Spotlight: 4 questions with Director of Technology Alex Krupitsch

Alex Krupitsch is the Director of Technology at Stuart. He joined the community in September 1995 initially as a faculty member. He taught mathematics for six years before becoming the Director of Technology in 2001. Alex has degrees in physics and electrical engineering.

1) What drew you to a career first in education and then in IT?

My father was an educator and always said that there is no better and rewarding way to earn a living. I tend to agree with him as this is the end of my 24th year at Stuart and 27th year overall in the education field.

My job eventually morphed from being a math and science teacher to the IT world through a gradual progression of duties. At the time in the late 90s, IT was a great practical way to apply my skill set in science and engineering, and it presented an interesting new challenge. As increasing demand for technology grew, so did my responsibilities for managing it.

2) Who are/were your mentors?

Two of my college professors: One that guided me through some very difficult physics classes, and another that pushed me into the direction of experimental physics which provided me a great start with computers (my first programming experience was on a Commodore 64c) and engineering.

3) Since so much of your job is virtual, can you explain a little more in detail what your position entails? What do you manage, what are some of the hiccups that can occur, and what would you love our community to know about the IT Department?

My position revolves around IT service management and how to best implement it at Stuart. The primary goal is to ensure the security, reliability and usability of the overall computer network. With that in mind, most of my day is spent managing the various infrastructure systems, technology projects, service vendors, technology inventory procurement and provisioning and handling of any incident/service requests escalated by the help desk.

Even though there are redundancies, hiccups can occur through equipment and/or service failures. It weighs on my mind a lot. All of our network users depend upon the proper functioning of the infrastructure, and the failure of one small part can knock a section of the campus offline or even the entire school if a crucial component or service fails.

The IT department is working on a replacement for SchoolDude (our current technology request system) with a product that works better for our model of IT service management. The interface is more up-to-date and offers better functionality. The IT department is currently in the process of migrating our technology knowledge base to the new system. It will be used as the basis for providing content for a self-help portal that users can refer to for some of the easier fixes. We plan to have the new system online by the time faculty return in late August.

4) Tell us a little more about you. What are some of your hobbies, and is there something that you enjoy doing that is totally different from your day job?

I love to tinker in my free time. Whether the tinkering happens with computers, electrical, audio or mechanical systems depends upon what interests me at the moment. I also enjoy spending time with my 125-pound yellow lab, though he can be quite a handful at times with his size and temperament. Also, I like to get away from the daily grind by getting outside and landscaping.

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