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Sixth graders collaborate with students from PASH and Bahrain to solve global water challenges

Sixth graders collaborate with students from PASH and Bahrain to solve global water challenges

Since the beginning of the year, the sixth grade students have spent time in classes learning about the challenges that people all over the world face with regards to finding, protecting and cleaning their water sources. Through literature, solidarity activities, civics research and science experiments, students explored many facets of the importance of water and the struggles and successes faced by other nations and our own to ensure that everyone has access to clean, drinkable water.

Last week, the sixth grade students completed the culminating activity of this Project Based Learning (PBL) challenge. Through many of the activities done in conjunction with the PBL, students corresponded with partners across the street and across the world. This year's PBL was done in conjunction with sixth grade boys from PASH as well as sixth graders from Riffa Views International School in Bahrain. Students from all three schools shared videos and reflections on what they learned, making this a truly international PBL!

For their final project, groups of students learned about a location that suffers from a water challenge. Each group researched different locations and strove to understand the specific challenges faced by the people there. They then began considering solutions! Groups designed easy filters that followed the principle of "extreme affordability" using common household materials. Many groups also proposed longer-term solutions because their research led them in that direction. Over the course of three days, students researched the problems faced by their particular locations, came up with ideas for a solution, developed prototypes of their solution and then created a presentation to give to their classmates, school administrators and parents to share what they learned and created. Students demonstrated creativity, enthusiasm and poise as they shared their presentation with their audience!

See photos from the PBL in the gallery or in the slideshow below.

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