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Invention Convention today–tomorrow Shark Tank?

Invention Convention today–tomorrow Shark Tank?

On Tuesday, March 6, students in grades 2-4 gathered in the Fruscione Athletic Center for our very first Lower School Invention Convention. The girls were asked to come up with an idea for an invention that solves a practical problem. The young inventors followed a design process that included brainstorming, research, design, documentation, and building a prototype. In some cases, students redesigned their inventions to become more successful. Students described the entire process in their Inventor's Journals.

Some of the students were inspired to solve everyday problems in their own lives. For example: a slinky detangler, no-spill cup holders, interchangeable fashion shoe covers, and side window wipers for cars. Other inventions focused on sustainability, including an ocean clean up device, rooftop garden, self-watering plant system and a method to safely keep snails away from garden plants.

Throughout the project the participants honed their skills in critical thinking, research, design, and resourcefulness. Today Stuart, tomorrow Shark Tank!

See photos in the slideshow below or in our photo gallery.

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