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Goal 3 in Action: Seniors establish simulated nonprofits to address social justice issues

Goal 3 in Action: Seniors establish simulated nonprofits to address social justice issues

One of the culminating projects that the senior class completes at Stuart is Invisible Issues. This social justice project exemplifies the Sacred Heart Goal 3 of a social awareness which impels to action and requires students to work in groups to create a simulated nonprofit organization that addresses a lesser known issue of human suffering.

After learning about the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching, seniors selected a topic to address. Throughout the semester, the groups conducted research, drafted grant proposals, created budgets, designed flyers and a poster, logos, video loops and presentations.

On Tuesday, May 21, the seniors shared their formal presentations before a panel of professionals who evaluated the viability of the grant proposals, asked questions and shared feedback with the students. The judges provided expertise in the areas of fundraising, evaluating grant proposals and running nonprofits and scored the presentations based on teamwork, clarity of the mission, five-year scalability and many other factors. Click here for photos from the panel.

On Wednesday, May 22, the groups set up displays in the Front Hall and pitched their organizations to Middle and Upper School girls, and Stuart faculty and staff, who then voted on the most convincing presentation with "Stu-Bucks." Based on the points earned from the panel of judges and votes from students and teachers, a sum of money is donated to a nonprofit organization closely associated with the winning team's issue. Click here for photos from the fair.

Congratulations to the winning Invisible Issues project teams:

Third Place: Zindegi* (Amy, Lauren, Sophia, Emily) works to help Rohingya Muslim refugees in poorly managed and unsanitary refugee camps in Bangladesh by providing psychological help, spreading awareness about their rights, and encouraging their ability to advocate for themselves to better their conditions and their lives. *Zindegi means life in Rohingya

Second Place: Bloom (Rebekah, Annie, Julia F., Millie, Mira): A social enterprise with both an outward facing (Bloom Florals) and an inward facing (Women in Bloom) aspect of our program and uses different mission statements to advertise to different groups of people. Bloom Florals' mission is to establish a nonprofit flower shop operated largely by marginalized women with the purpose of teaching them financial literacy and life skills. Women in Bloom's mission is to offer counseling, psychotherapy, and job skills to women who have been traumatized by abuse.

First Place: Sanando* (Julia L., Gillian, Meghan, Ann) strives to limit the spread of mosquito borne diseases in the Venezuelan refugee community through vaccination, education, and prevention. *Translation: healing

The winning team is awarded $500 to donate to a charity that aligns with their research. Sanando has decided to donate to Fundacion Antonio Restrepo Barco. Statement from the group: "This nonprofit has a branch in Santander, which is the same city-state as Sanando's home city, Bucaramanga. This is ideal, because we would want the money to go the same people we had originally intended to serve. Additionally, they work with educating kids and teenagers and work to improve the healthcare system to make it more efficient and accessible for everyone, which reflects Sanando's mission of preventing the spread of disease."

Photos of the panels

Photos of the fair

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