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First grade girls investigate: Can seeds grow without soil?

First grade girls investigate: Can seeds grow without soil?

In STEM class, the first graders have been investigating the question, "Will seeds grow without soil?" Half of the class predicted that the seeds would indeed grow. The girls found out by conducting a brand new hydroponic gardening experiment. Using a kit to grow several kinds of salad greens, the girls placed the seeds on a porous material made of coconut plant, watered a tray below the material and observed the seeds' growth for a couple of weeks. Soon they noticed some of the green sprouts and were surprised to find that the hypothesis that the seeds would grow without soil was supported! The students learned about the process of growing plants without soil and compared the hydroponic process with what they've learned from their visits to Howell Farm throughout the year. The class even drew a conceptual sketch of a future hydroponic garden at Stuart and voted that the garden would be most successful on the rooftop. The best part of the experiment was to finally taste the greens! The girls will continue to ask questions, research and apply their knowledge as they tend to their new microgreen garden. See photos from the hydroponic garden in the gallery or in the slideshow below.

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