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Cultures around the world are celebrated through Middle School World Arts Day

Cultures around the world are celebrated through Middle School World Arts Day

Friday, January 18 was the 12th Annual World Arts Day in the Middle School. With a beautiful combination of music, dance, art and theater, students selected three (out of 12) workshops that were led by professional artists, dancers, musicians and actors. This special day serves to enrich our students' understanding of cultures around the globe through art forms—and, as you can tell from the photos and video, the girls (and faculty) all have so much fun learning new things while stepping outside their comfort zones.

Workshops ran all day and included: shoe design, Picasso guitars, Greek vases, hip-hop, Language of Percussion, Mexican bark painting, Gees Bend quilts, improv, Broadway, Indian dance, African dance, and soulful singing. At the end of the day, the entire Middle School community came together for an empowering hip-hop dance session with Jennifer Chin from Dance it Up Studios in Hamilton. We'd like to thank Ruthann Perry, Libby Ramage, Maria Evans, Jennifer Chin, Josh Robinson, April Zay, Ronah Harris, Tim Moran, Joshua Warr, Uma Kapoor, Cachet Ivey, and Deborah Ford for sharing their talents and wisdom with our students today. Special thanks to Middle and Upper School Art Teacher Phyllis Wright for making this day possible for our Middle School girls! Click here for photos.

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