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Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Congratulations to the Class of 2019!

Congratulations to the Stuart Class of 2019! It was a beautiful day to send this incredible class on its next journey beyond our green brick walls. The students chose Dana Jordan, former English faculty at Stuart, as their commencement speaker. Ms. Jordan opened by referencing Jane Austen - as requested by the class - and offered advice to the students on how to live a "fuller, richer, more vibrant, and more meaningful life" with memorable anecdotes from the classic novel Pride and Prejudice. After comparing pivotal life moments and decisions that the graduates will encounter to those of the characters in the book, Ms. Jordan closed by telling the class that "your life is a story, in much the same way that P&P is. You will develop as a character, you will face conflicts and overcome them, and I very much hope you will have a happy ending. You will write much of your story—you make decisions about the opportunities you take, how you react to situations, the kind of person you will become. But there are parts of your story you do not and cannot write ... There are things in our lives over which we have no control—and that is an unimaginably good thing because the Author behind our stories loves us more deeply than we can fathom and works ceaselessly for our good. He sees you and loves you, and not just from a concrete pillar in the Front Hall."

Additional remarks to the class came from Sophia Sumaray, president of the senior class, who reflected on the impact of Stuart and the Sacred Heart Goals: "The environment at Stuart, as well as the Sacred Heart goals, have taught us to be diligent in our work, to question, to inquire, to be curious, and of course, to keep going. This resilience will allow us to face the new challenges in college with zeal. The obstacles that we have faced throughout high school have made us culturally astute and intelligent citizens of the world, who strive to be better not just for ourselves, but for the others who may rely on us."

Senior Class Speaker Gillian Carmien infused humor and hunger into her speech as she used the class's love of food as an analogy to express their "hunger, tenacity, and drive." As it was this class who "cooked up" the first annual culture fair and had two classmates give talks at TEDx, Gillian applauded how her peers added "a little spice and sizzle everywhere we went." She closed by sharing that one of the greatest lessons was "that the best dishes are the ones made when you diverge from the recipe, make some mistakes, and add a little of your own flair. And that is the main thing I think our class will take away from our amazing education here. We are already bold and unafraid to take risks, but what we have learned and will continue to learn is the ability to acknowledge our mistakes. We grow from them, and then get right back to creating our next recipe."

Once again we were able to capture a live stream video of the baccalaureate and graduation ceremonies. Both videos are available online to watch again at and

Photos from graduation are available in Stuart's SmugMug gallery. Thank you to Lors Photography for providing coverage of the ceremony.

Below is the list of senior awards given ahead of graduation:

Goal 1: Rebekah Ten Hagen
a personal and active faith in God

Goal 2: Ann John
a deep respect for intellectual values

Goal 3: Amy Rosica
a social awareness which impels to action

Goal 4: Priscilla Francois
the building of community as a Christian value

Goal 5: Sixian Song and Bridget Zhong
personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

Senior Head of School Award:
Bridget Zhong

The Head of School Award, established in Honor of Sister Frances de la Chapelle is selected by faculty, is presented to a student in each of the four grades who through the process of challenging herself and by her willingness to take risks, has grown in self-awareness and has positively impacted the quality of life in the Upper School.

Senior Barat Award: Bey-Shana Clark

The Barat Award, instituted by Student Government and selected by students, recognizes one student from each grade who demonstrates self-sacrifice, compassion, respect for self and others, courtesy, a sense of balance and good judgment, and overall citizenship.

Department Awards:


Gillian Carmien

Visual Arts

Bridget Zhong

Performing Arts

Julia Friedman

Technical Theatre

Amy Rosica


Bay-Shana Clark


Ann John, Lauren Magnani


Stephanie He

Computer Science

Aditi Singh


AnneMarie Huber


Tina Zhang


Olivia Atlee


Priscilla Francois, Grace Sheppard


AnneMarie Huber

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