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Sustainability award garnered by fifth graders at Camp Mason

Sustainability award garnered by fifth graders at Camp Mason

On Monday and Tuesday, our newest members of the Middle School traveled together to the YMCA's Camp Mason for a two-day outdoor education experience in a beautiful woodland setting near the Delaware Water Gap. The students participated in four different activities: archery, sustainability, pond exploration (bugs and beetles and nets and wet boots and lots of slimy, interesting stuff), and canoeing on the lake. The girls also participated in fun team-building activities, a campfire, and our ever-popular "Night Walk" where the girls challenge themselves to spend a little time in the dark!

Throughout our visit, the girls had access to the forest, trails, lakes, a nature center, sport courts, and dedicated program areas. The girls engaged in safe and age-appropriate activities which aimed to foster new relationships, build self-confidence and teach new skills. At mealtimes, they learned how to be careful about waste and were very diligent about not taking too much food, cleaning up after themselves, and sharing tasks. This year our girls even won the coveted "Golden Spoon Award" at our last meal, which is given to groups that finish their meals with no food waste!

The teachers who chaperoned were very impressed with how many of the students adjusted to new situations, cheered each other on, and were cooperative with camp staff and each other. This might have been the most successful Camp Mason trip yet! Click here for photos.

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