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​Battle Hymn of the Woman in STEM by Maddie Lapuerta '16

​Battle Hymn of the Woman in STEM by Maddie Lapuerta '16

by Maddie Lapuerta '16 for The Harvard Crimson

We're so proud Maddie Lapuerta '16, Harvard '20 for speaking out as a role model and pioneer for girls interested in STEM.

"I proudly attended an all girls' school for the majority of my life, and am thus a product of the benefits of learning alongside my female peers....Our biggest concern should not be the lack of numerical equality between men and women in science. We should be, though, immensely troubled when my female peers and I are perceived as unintelligent because of it. Women in STEM are so much more than that. We are pioneers in our fields, becoming role models for generations to come—for girls who were once just like us."

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