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At the beach, juniors find many opportunities of ''value'' together

At the beach, juniors find many opportunities of ''value'' together

By Alison Walsh '18

Last week, the junior class went on their Kairos retreat at the Maris Stella Retreat Center at the beach with the senior retreat leaders! The word "kairos" is a Greek word meaning the "right time" or "appointed season." The word was sometimes used in the Bible to describe a time that was God's time; not part of the typical past, present, and future that we are used to. When we live Kairos moments, we are able to see how God exists and, in turn, become closer to Him. The goal of the junior retreat is to have many Kairos moments by receiving pleasant surprises through self-reflection, grade bonding, and discussions. The senior retreat leaders decided that the theme of this year's Kairos would be "values." The activities and discussions were focused on determining what we value and how our values have impacted who we are. Overall, the grade made a lot of great memories and learned a lot about their peers and themselves! See photos in the slideshow below or in our photo gallery.

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