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Always a child of the Sacred Heart: Juniors receive their Stuart rings from seniors in moving ceremony

“Ever since it was placed on my hand as yours will be in a few moments, I have never taken it off. It is a comforting reminder that I will be connected to my Stuart community wherever I go. Thinking about going off to college can be a little daunting: making new friends, adapting to a new environment, and making some tough decisions that will have an impact on my life are just some of the changes I will face. But looking at my ring, it reminds me, and the rest of my graduating class, that we are ready for this new and exciting chapter in our lives, and how much Stuart has prepared us. We hope these rings can give all of you that same sense of comfort and connection.” - Natalie Pemberton, Student Government Executive President⁠⠀
Congratulations to the Class of 2021! On Friday, December 13, this incredible class received Stuart rings from friends in the senior class and, for some, parents and siblings who were there as a surprise. Following the ceremony, juniors had their rings turned by seniors, alumnae, faculty, staff and students until they reached 121 (100 + their graduation year). This is not only one of the most cherished traditions of the Christmas season, but it’s one of the most memorable for the year. Click here for photos. Watch the live stream at



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