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VIDEOS: Sixth graders propose solutions to water problems around the world for PBL

This past week, our sixth grade students completed their culminating PBL activity. Their goal was to answer the question, "How might we help solve water problems around the world?" They began the culminating project by hearing from several water experts about different challenges faced around the world. Students selected the issues they were most inspired by, and faculty placed them in groups. The following days were all about each team digging deeper into their problem and suggesting a solution. Students researched the problem they chose by looking at its challenges and what is already being done. Each team was tasked with proposing a real, actionable solution that they can carry out. Last week, students presented their proposals. Through this experience, our sixth graders became more aware of real world problems and considered ways they might solve them-- truly Goal Three in action! Below is a playlist of all PBL presentations. We think you will not only learn something new but feel inspired to join your daughters to take action.


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