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Sixth graders welcome friends and collaborators from Bahrain school for presentations on the global water crisis

By Patrice Dias
Middle School History

On December 4, sixth graders hosted student visitors from Riffa Views International School (RVIS) in Bahrain. Throughout the fall, Stuart, Princeton Academy (PASH), and RVIS middle school students collaborated on a PBL project titled "Water for Life." This is the second consecutive year for this collaboration. Students from each school communicated weekly through a Google document for the length of the project. The project began in September when all students read A Long Walk to Water by Linda Sue Park in literature class. Stuart students traveled to PASH to join the boys in a water walk. Mirroring the experience of the main character, students carried one gallon jugs of water across the PASH campus. Students in Bahrain will host their own water walk once the daytime temperature drops below 90 degrees! Using knowledge gained from science, math, history, and theology classes, Stuart students investigated water issues around the world. The students attended presentations about water concerns in Puerto Rico, Haiti, Africa, and The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. After several days of research and problem solving, the sixth graders designed and presented ways to help solve the specific water problems. The Riffa students enjoyed the presentations and will return to Bahrain to solve similar global water problems. Click here for photos.


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