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Seventh graders design sustainable Sacred Heart schools for their PBL

By Karin McLaughlin
Middle School History
Grade 7 and 8 Team Leader

The seventh grade participated in a PBL (Project Based Learning) from December 12 to December 19 during which they designed a new, sustainable Sacred Heart school. The project was launched at the Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed in Pennington, NJ where the students learned about sustainability from the gracious and knowledgeable Watershed staff. Our in-house architect, Darren Malone joined other members of the Stuart staff at the launch to teach the students about running a Sacred Heart school. The seventh graders chose the location, planned the design, thought about the curriculum, wrote mission statements, and prepared budgets for their schools. After a week of intensive research, planning, and designing, the girls returned to the Watershed to present their schools to an audience of peers, parents, guests, teachers, and administrators. The designs were creative and included many innovative sustainability proposals. Perhaps some of these new ideas could find their way into the halls of Stuart?

Click here for photos from each of the groups' presentations.

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