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Eighth graders gather for virtual Parent-Daughter Prayer Service

On Wednesday evening, the eighth grade commenced their closing celebrations with the traditional - yet virtual - Eighth Grade Parent-Daughter Prayer Service arranged by Theology Teacher Emily Lesinski. The evening began with a musical prelude by Tess on guitar followed by an opening prayer and a group of students who lit candles after sharing statements of gratitude for their time in the Middle School. Another group shared memories for the Middle School Reflection which was then followed by a musical meditation by Tara on piano. Mrs. Lesinski then introduced members of the Middle School faculty who shared their own reflections and well-wishes for the Class of 2024. The program concluded with a video prepared by students and a closing prayer.

Thanks to the following students for their participation in the prayer service: Tess, Ellie, Eva, Vivian, Giselle, Gloria, Felicity, Sadie, Elise, Katherine, Cecilia, Harsimar, Lilian, Hannah, Kelly, J'vonae, Katharine, Katie, Lavanya, Tara, and Isabel. 

Below are just a few of the messages from Middle School faculty as the girls prepare for their next journey of high school: 

“It has been tremendous to watch you grow as individuals and as a class over the years. I’m going to miss the kindness you show toward one other and to us. Over these past two months, the grace you have shown, and your leadership and resilience, has just been wonderful.” - Mrs. Lesinski 

Now as you finish Middle School, you have become rational and methodical scientists, you're insightful and just judges, you're creative and innovative entrepreneurs, you're thoughtful and expressive artists, but you’re always children of the Sacred Heart. I want to thank every single one of you for being you.” - Mrs. Silva 

“I have learned a lot of things from you. I have learned the power of passion and the power of dedication. Each of you exemplifies those qualities so, so well. You're dedicated to scholarship as you learned and worked through these last few months under difficult circumstances. I appreciate having the opportunity and the privilege of being your teacher.” - Mrs. Hayes 

“My dear friends, you are a remarkable class. You have truly modeled leadership in the Middle School. With your enthusiasm and creativity, your honorable behavior, your kindness to us and to your peers in the lower grades, you have really been a joy to me, and it was a joy to share Arendale with you. You made Frozen absolutely inspirational.” - Mrs. Baldwin 

Just like the story of Frozen, whatever curve ball life throws at you, you turn to each other like a sisterhood, just like Elsa and Ana, and you support each other, and you love each other. You realized you were stronger as a unit. I’ve always taken so much happiness in watching that. Every time I think about Rose Philippine Duchesne, I’ll think about this grade. - Mr. Missonis 


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