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#LEADLIKEAFOURTHGRADER signature experience kicks-off with leadership conference

"It made me feel proud." - Fourth grade students

"Friday's conference was very fun. I liked all the different stuff we did. My favorite part was the drama activity. I learned about SMART goals. It was cool that it was like a real conference and there were different speakers and activities throughout the day. I can't wait until the next one!" - Julia

On Friday, November 20, the fourth grade enjoyed a kick-off of #LEADLIKEAFOURTHGRADER, a year-long signature experience through the National Center for Girls' Leadership at Stuart that takes the girls through leadership development as they prepare to enter Stuart's Middle School. In a new format, the girls enjoyed a full-day conference as the first of 3 gatherings where they heard from women leaders at Stuart and learned how they are "leading already!" 

As Bonnie Milecki, director of the NCGLS, shared, "We are developing our leadership skills in every division and grade at Stuart, but some milestones are honored in a special way. As the leaders of the Lower School the fourth grade girls are ready to work in an intentional way on building their confidence, communication skills, executive functioning.  Research shows that in many school environments the transition between elementary and middle school can involve a traumatic shift that substantially diminishes the confidence of students, and of girls specifically. The cross divisional support of the leadership programming at Stuart ensures that none of the confidence and skills carefully curated in the Lower School are lost, and that the girls are prepared to enter Middle School as the leaders they already are!"

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