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EC boys and girls practice math and literacy skills for Loaves and Fishes Lemonade Sale

The boys and girls in EC 3 and 4 learned first-hand how their efforts can impact others when they hosted a lemonade sale to help purchase mittens and gloves for the guests at Loaves and Fishes. While Goal 3 was at the heart of the activity, the students also practiced math and literary skills throughout the whole process from making the lemonade to selling it. 

Karen Poch (EC4):  We "read" the recipe together, counted out the lemons, and carefully measured the sugar and water using a measuring cup. Then we carefully counted out 50 cups that we hoped to fill (we actually filled more than 60!) Afterward, we counted the dollar bills and coins to see how much money we collected.

Mary Jo Kahn (EC3): There were both math and literacy skills.  The children in my class saw a posted recipe on large chart paper, and we read it together. The children counted the visual of 6 lemons to know how many lemons we needed in the recipe. We then measured 1 cup sugar and 6 cups water. I traced my finger over the words as we read the recipe together and made the lemonade.  

Below is a picture of the two classes with the mittens and gloves that their sale was able to purchase! Click here for more photos.   



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