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Student Spotlight: Vicky Liu '21

I am Stuart Proud. I am a creator, an athlete, and a doer.

Please share a little about your role as the ambassador for international students at Stuart. How long have you been in that role, and what do you enjoy about it?
As an international student ambassador, I am responsible for reaching out to prospective international students, giving them tours, representing Stuart at local high school fairs, and helping incoming international students to adjust to Stuart at the beginning of their freshman year. As the international student ambassador this year, I enjoy communicating with prospective students, offering them advice regarding their high school careers, and giving back to the Stuart community by helping them reach a wider range of students. 
You won a stock market competition in your first year at Stuart. Please explain your project and if it something you are still actively working on. 
My finance experience started with the stock competition hosted by Stuart in my freshman year. I started as a very emotional investor by investing based on my instincts. Later, I started to invest in companies that produce products I am familiar with. Winning the stock competition at Stuart sparked my interest in learning more about the stock market and led me to realize that finance is a combination of human psychology, objective analyses, and speed reading. Therefore, I led a team to compete in an investment competition hosted by Wharton during my sophomore year. My team developed a system that categorizes companies into sixteen types using four binary groups of characteristics, helping investors to find the type of companies that fit their expectations of return and risk tolerance. I am currently looking for a mentor to help me further develop this company categorization system.
In the time that you have been at Stuart, where have you seen the most personal growth? 
At Stuart, I learned to think analytically and explore my potential. During humanities classes, my classmates and I debate about philosophical questions and discuss the impact of current events on society. I am encouraged to form my own thoughts and articulate them clearly with supporting evidence. During STEM classes, I acquire the knowledge essential for me to work on independent projects that I am interested in. Under the guidance of teachers and with the help of friends, I am able to trust myself and take risks.
What are you looking forward to as a junior, and are you already thinking about your plans after Stuart? 
I am really looking forward to the junior ring ceremony and prom. After graduating from Stuart, I plan to attend a college and learn about the intersection of technology and business. After graduating from college, I plan to work at a tech startup or maybe start a business of my own.
Rapid Fire (for fun):

  • Favorite book: Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression - and The Unexpected Solutions by Johann Hari
  • Favorite food: Gyoza
  • Favorite song: Yellow by Rich Brian
  • Favorite hobby: Skiing
  • Favorite quote or piece of advice: “This too shall pass.”



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