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Student Spotlight: Madeleine Freundlich '20

I am Stuart Proud. I am a leader, a friend, and a mentor.

What are some of your favorite classes and activities at Stuart?

I am primarily involved with theater tech, Model UN, volleyball, and my philosophy club. My favorite classes have been Geometry with Mr. Hurford, Modern European History with Dr. Bergman, and AP United States History with Mrs. Driscoll. Geometry was a fun and engaging way to introduce me to the high school through a class. Modern European History was the most challenging class I have taken at Stuart and has made such a positive impact on my writing and analytical thinking. AP United States history was such a great introduction to the AP format and was endlessly fascinating and furthered my passion for the subject. 

You have been at Stuart since the third grade. Where have you seen the most personal growth over the years? 

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to explore and inquire deeply into my passions. Every year, I have learned more about my interests and found new ones along the way with the help of my teachers and classmates. From the New Jersey Lenape project in third grade and the debates in eighth grade to the freshman term paper and the yearly PBLs, I have have been able to explore so many fascinating topics I would not have otherwise. 

You are a leader in many different areas. How do you balance it all, and what have you learned about yourself as a leader from the different positions? 

For me, balancing all of my activities has been a labor of love; plus, I love being busy! I would describe my leadership style as enthusiastic and organized. I have learned to ask for help from my peers and delegate tasks to them. As a stage manager, this is especially important because it takes a whole crew to pull off the show, so I need to rely on my other stage manager and the other crew. I plan on continuing theater tech and philosophy in college. 

What do you hope to pursue at Vassar in the fall? Did any classes or teachers at Stuart influence or help you realize the best path for you? 

I plan on studying philosophy and political science in college. Mr. Arsenault definitely catalyzed my passion for philosophy and is a great mentor for me at school and for the philosophy club. AP US history with Mrs. Driscoll was the most engaging and thought-provoking class I’ve taken at Stuart. Her class taught me to think globally and critically -- a natural path to political science. 

What advice do you have for younger students? 

My advice for younger students is to take the most engaging classes, even if you find them challenging. When I entered the Upper School, I had no idea that I would be studying AP Government online, running soundboards, heading the Judiciary Committee, and debating at Model UN conferences. The only way for you to figure out what you’re passionate about is to step outside your comfort zone. 

Rapid Fire (Just for fun) 
1. Favorite book: Exile and the Kingdom by Camus 
2. Favorite food: Mozzarella
3. Favorite activity or sport: lifting weights
4. Favorite way to wind down: listening to music and laying down
5. Favorite quote or phrase: “Someone, after all, had to make a start” - Sophie Scholl 

*This month, Girl Scouts of Central and Southern New Jersey announced that Madeleine was one of five New Jersey Girl Scouts who were chosen to appear on the cover of cookie boxes this year. Below is a clip of Madeleine's interview from the press conference. 




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