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Student Spotlight: Fourth Graders Georgia, Sophie and Ruby

Georgia Glanton, Sophie Bogumil and Ruby Matthews are fourth graders who have been at Stuart since Early Childhood. As the leaders of the Lower School, they will embark on a year-long journey of learning what it means to be a leader. A few years ago, Head of Lower School Michelle Dowling launched #LeadLikeAFourthGrader - an extension of LLAG - to teach the girls about leadership. We asked the girls what they learned from the first of three workshops and what they have learned about themselves over the years. 

What do you look forward to learning this year in fourth grade?

RM: The hand bells have been really fun so far, so I'm really looking forward to doing a lot more with them. I'm just really looking forward to a lot of things the fourth graders do because, since it's the last year of the Lower School, we get to have a lot of opportunities. 

SB: I'm really excited for the musical, and I'm excited for Veni Emmanuel when we get to play the hand bells. In fourth grade, we get a lot of different opportunities that other grades don't get to have. 

GG: Like  Sophia and Ruby, I'm looking forward to the musical since one of my favorite classes is drama. I'm also really forward to Remember the Ladies. 

Where do you feel like you have grown over the years? 

RM: In math, I used to be kind of silent, and I wouldn't really try and answer anything. I'm really getting better at that. I also think I've improved in Language Arts when it comes to remembering what adjectives mean. My dad has also encouraged me to be a bit more confident when I share my answers, even if I'm wrong.

SB: I think I've really grown in math. I used to be very uncomfortable with stacking and even expanded form, and then over the years my friends and teachers helped me improve. I also love to read, and I consider myself a pretty strong reader in my class. 

GG: I feel like I’ve improved in math and spelling. I like it a lot because our teachers make it fun and help us. I also used be very cautious, but now I will go up to the board to show a strategy or an answer to a problem. 

What did you learn about leadership from the first Lead Like a Fourth Grader event last week? 

GG: I learned that leaders are always learning.

SB: I learned that you are a good leader when you are a good speaker. Even when I was feeling a little shy, I found confidence in myself speaking in front of big crowds.

RM: I didn't know this, but when you give a speech, sometimes it makes an impact on your leading. People will want to learn from your leading because you made a nice speech. I didn't know that your speech would impact your leadership. 


Rapid Fire questions:

- Favorite book: Percy Jackson 
- Favorite color: Blue
- Favorite phrase or quote: "There's no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs."

- Favorite book: Harry Potter
- Favorite color: Turquoise 
- Favorite phrase or quote: "Be yourself." 

- Favorite book: Wings of Fire
- Favorite color: Violet 
- Favorite phrase or quote: "Winning doesn't mean everything, it just means you've done better than you've done before."



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