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Student Spotlight: Emily and Kathryn Ix

Emily '23: "I am Stuart Proud. I am a changemaker, an athlete, and a leader"

Kathryn '21: “I am Stuart Proud. I am a talented student, a friend, and a determined person.”

You have been at Stuart your whole life. In what ways have you grown the most, and what have you learned about yourself since being at Stuart?

Emily: Stuart has helped me grow into the person I am today. I have grown to not care about what other people think and to always be myself. In the early years of Middle School, I was a follower, not a leader, and stayed in the lane of activities I felt most comfortable with. As time went on, I learned to take risks and try new things because that is how I would grow as a person. In 8th grade, I attended the Bicentennial Mass of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne in St. Louis, Missouri. During this trip, I was able to strengthen my faith in God, learn about the Sacred Heart Network, and make friendships with girls across many grades. During my time at Stuart, I have learned that I work really well with others, both in the classroom and on the playing field. Stuart has also taught me the importance of supporting our classmates and building each other up which I value strongly. Stuart has provided me with so many opportunities to learn and grow which has shaped me into the person I am today. 

Kathryn: When I started at Stuart, I was an extremely quiet 5-year-old who felt shy talking to my friends. Over the years, I have become more confident and more willing to speak up and take risks. I am very involved in the Stuart community, including the cross-country and robotics teams, Outreach, and yearbook. Additionally, I volunteer at Seeds to Sew, a non-profit organization based in Hopewell. I started the Seeds to Sew Club at Stuart, which raises money for girls’ education in Kenya. I also joined the Teen Advisory Group of Corner House, a peer leadership program in Princeton, which presents to students about the risks and consequences of alcohol and drug use. I have become involved in these organizations because of the confidence that I gained at Stuart.

What are your favorite classes and why? Is there a particular project or lesson that either acted as a turning point for you or was something that you know you’ll always remember? 

Emily: My favorite class is World Cultures because it is so exciting to learn about how the past has impacted the present. Currently in class we are studying the evolution of humans and primates, which is a topic that is very new to me. I really appreciate the films we watch and the articles we read about different cultures around the world. They always open my eyes to different life styles and rituals practiced in diverse parts of the world. The course has also taught me the importance of asking for help, especially in an environment where the teachers want to see you succeed. Secondly, I enjoy Biology because the topics we are learning about and discussing are very relevant to me and to our world. Currently, we are working on our biome project. I am focusing on the Tropical Rainforest, and I find learning about the different animals and plants in the rainforest to be very interesting.

Kathryn: My favorite classes have always been math, science and Spanish, but I have learned the most from my English and history classes because they are outside my comfort zone and they have helped me develop my writing and critical thinking skills. I will always remember my World Cultures term paper in freshman year. I chose to write about Mother Teresa and her work in India. This project taught me so much about research, writing, and how to approach a project that may seem overwhelming at first but is easier to manage when you break it down into smaller pieces.

You will be doing March Term in the spring. Please tell us more about what you’ll be doing and why you choose your topic. 

Emily: For March Term, I will be participating in a course entitled Stuart Road Irregulars: Thinking Like a Detective. We will be learning about some of the most famous fictional detectives such as Sherlock Holmes, and how to think critically to solve mysteries. As a part of this course, we will be attending the play, Sleuth, at McCarter Theater, taking a trip to the Escape Room, and participating in a puzzle solving tour of Princeton along Nassau Street. In addition, we will be viewing films about detectives and detective stories, designing locked room mysteries, and learning the basics of the philosophy of logic and argumentation. I chose this topic because I have always been interested in crimes, law, and murder mysteries, particularly books and films on the topic. I am looking forward to learning about the thinking process of detectives and I believe the March Term will be a very memorable experience.

Kathryn: For March Term, I will be participating in a course called From Boheme to Rent: How/Why Opera Evolved into Musical Theatre. I chose this topic because I have been interested in music and theater since I was very young. I started playing the piano as a toddler and took lessons for eight years. My parents often take Emily and me to plays and musicals, which I have always enjoyed. Through this opportunity, I will be able to learn about the history of the musical theater over the last 400 years and will see two operas, La Triavata and Moulin Rouge in New York. I look forward to participating in this experience!

Kathryn: Please talk about being a STEM endorsement candidate. What is that process like and how did you come up with your topic of vertical farming?

The STEM endorsement has allowed me to have opportunities and experiences related to STEM outside of the classroom. We attend STEM-related conferences, participate in discussion groups and have the opportunity to meet professionals who tell us about their background and careers. Because of the endorsement and my computer science classes, I was able to get a job at Code Ninjas, where I teach children about coding and robotics. STEM endorsement candidates are required to complete a research project during their junior year. I decided to do a project about vertical farming because I believe that vertical and hydroponic farming may be one solution to the growing food crisis. The endorsement has helped me think about what major I may pursue in college and what STEM-related careers are available to me.

Emily: What do you look forward to as an Upper School student? In what ways do you feel like Stuart’s Middle School prepared you?

Stuart’s Middle School definitely prepared me for the Upper School, particularly in regards to my time management skills and work ethic. The topics we covered throughout Middle School were a great foundation for the subjects we are diving deeper into in Upper School. I feel confident in my ability to write essays from the IRPs in English class, as well as writing lab reports in Science. The leadership classes and group projects I was a part of prepared me and developed my collaboration skills with my peers. I look forward to the greater flexibility in choosing my classes and growing closer to my grade as we journey through the Upper School.

Sacred Heart and Stuart alumnae always talk about the sisterhood that bonds them for life. How have you as a family bonded over your Stuart experience? What do you like about having each other at Stuart? 

Emily: Kathryn and I are closer as sisters because of the bond we share together at Stuart. The Sacred Heart values and goals are very important to us and our family. At school, we are able to take part in the same clubs, activities and classes which has strengthened our relationship with each other. We will both always be a part of the network which is unique and has instilled a strong bond for us as sisters.

Kathryn: My favorite part about going to Stuart with Emily is that we are able to share so many experiences and memories together, both inside and outside of the classroom. Because Stuart is a small school where we are able to get to know everyone, we are able to talk about our classes, friends and activities. Over the years, we have experienced Conge, social activities and athletic events together because of the Stuart bond that we have. I know I will miss the connection that Emily and I have in school once I go to college.

Rapid Fire (Just for fun)


  1. Favorite book - The Darkest Minds
  2. Favorite food - Lasagna
  3. Favorite activity or sport - Basketball/Lacrosse
  4. Favorite way to wind down - Listening to music
  5. Favorite quote or phrase - “We rise by lifting others” - Robert Ingersoll


  1. Favorite book - The Hunger Games
  2. Favorite food - Crème brûlée
  3. Favorite activity or sport - Skiing
  4. Favorite way to wind down - Writing in my journal
  5. Favorite quote or phrase - “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” - Unknown




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