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Student Spotlight: Allie Martin '27

I am Stuart Proud. I am a gymnast, a dancer, a friend, a writer and an artist.

What are you looking forward to this year in the Middle School?

This year I’m looking forward to all the things I’m going to learn and all the new things we are going to do. My favorite class so far is English. Outside of school I do gymnastics and ballet. I loved the trip to Camp Mason, and I think I will always remember that experience. I have never spent that much time with my class before, and I feel like we got closer during the trip. 

Having been at Stuart since Kindergarten, where have you seen the most personal growth in all those years? 

I have seen the most personal growth in myself through my writing and reading. I have also learned that I love when we work as teams in group projects since I love having several opinions. I work well alone, but my projects often come out better when I am with someone.

I also learned from the Lead Like a Fourth Grader experience what makes a good leader and how to compromise. We got a sheet that lists the qualities of a good leader. I keep that in my room and look at it every day. 

Which one of the Sacred Heart Goals do you feel like you represent the most? Is there one that you like or have the most experience learning about? 

The Sacred Heart goal that I think I represent the most is Goal 5, "Personal Growth in an Atmosphere of Wise Freedom." Now in Middle School, we don't have teachers taking us to classes. We have to manage our own schedule and get around on our own. This was my favorite goal in Lower School, and I still think of it as I make wise choices.

Something fun - Rapid Fire

  1. Favorite book: Merci Suárez Changes Gears by Meg Medina
  2. Favorite color (or colors): Teal and purple 
  3. Favorite hobby: Ballet/dance 
  4. Favorite quote: From psalm 46:5: "God is within her she will not fall." 




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