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Stuart Nurse Tine Boss Named Frontline Hero by Magnus Health

In a year when school nurses have turned essential frontline workers charged with maintaining the health and safety of students, faculty and staff, we are pleased to announce the Stuart's nurse Tine Boss was named a Frontline Hero by Magnus Health, the school's student health database and the leading provider for K-12 independent schools. Per Magnus Health: "This award recognizes and celebrates those who have gone above and beyond for their schools during the pandemic.  We were touched to hear how you have stepped up to the challenges presented by COVID-19 and have supported your school community with passion and kindness."

Nurse Boss was nominated by multiple members of the Stuart leadership team. Congratulations Tine! We are truly blessed to have you at Stuart! 

Joseph Shiarappa “Tine's expert knowledge and dedication to the health and well being of the entire school community. She guided us through our COVID-19 Preplanning and school reopening. This was a huge undertaking that we could not have done without Tine's direction.”

Darren Malone “Tine has taken a significant role in leading our school community, including our leadership team, faculty, students and families through the pandemic and a safe and orderly return to in-school learning in September. Tine lead our school's Health and Safety planning team, developed protocols with the CDC, state and county health officials and continues to monitor changes in guidance and the effect on our protocols. Tine has done all of this with great spirits, incredible patience and the collaborative effort of a true leader.” 

Patty Fagin “We are a PreSchool through Grade 12 school of 385 students currently operating both in-person and remote learning. Tine is our ONLY nurse. She has been absolutely incredible throughout this COVID-19 crisis. She has partnered with Dr. Peter Krause Senior Research Scientist in Epidemiology (Microbial Diseases), in Medicine (Infectious Diseases) and in Pediatrics (Infectious Disease) at Yale, our Princeton area Public Health nurse and our local independent school nurses to ensure we have followed every single protocol needed to keep our students safe! She has assisted in drafting every single letter regarding our protocols, responses to infection and precautionary measures all while remaining our full-time in-school nurse. In addition, she has been our consistent outreach person with our contact tracing, clearly and calmly walking parents through quarantining processes. I simply don't know what we would have done without her. After nearly four months of school we have had only one student test positive for COVID-19. I think our success has been directly linked to Tine's thorough and clear communications with both faculty, staff and administration AND with our families. She is my SHERO!”

Cheng Yow “She has worked tirelessly to prepare the school for re-opening in the summer and has been on the front line working with students during this difficult time. Her professionalism and knowledge, combined with her work ethics, make her a hero at our school.”

Christen Jones “When COVID came to our school last year, Tine went from being a standard school nurse, to leading a pandemic response nerve center responsible for the health and safety of our entire school. She was among the first nurses in the area to volunteer with contract tracing for the local health department, and ensured that other members of our staff were trained as well. She has thoughtfully navigated difficult conversations with families, faculty and staff, and went from being responsible for bandaids and belly aches to overseeing how we navigate a pandemic. She stays up to date on the latest protocols, and translates into language that our community can easily understand.”

Rose Neubert “Nurse Tine has led our Health & Safety Team throughout the past 8 months with a high level of thoughtfulness, collaboration & care! As a result, we have been in-person learning since September without closure. Tine's ability to distill the policies and procedures required to keep our community safe is unparalleled. She is a STAR”


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