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Members of the Stuart faculty and staff honored with annual Sacred Heart Goal Awards

Our outstanding faculty and staff lead and mentor by example every day at Stuart. Each year those who truly exemplify a specific Sacred Heart Goal and its Criteria are nominated by their colleagues and selected by the Board of Trustees to receive an award.

On Wednesday, June 2, the 2021 recipients were announced at our virtual Recognition Ceremony along with the members of our faculty and staff celebrating milestone years of service. We also acknowledged students who have been attending Stuart for at least 10 years and celebrated the Stuart Lifers.

Congratulations to the following individuals: 

Goal 1: Susy Kim

Associate Director of Admissions & Financial Aid

Goal I: Schools of the Sacred Heart educate to a personal and active faith in God. The criteria under Goal I call us to reflect an ethos of joy, hope and celebration and to form students and adults alike in the attitudes of the heart of Jesus, such as gratitude, generosity, compassion and forgiveness. Susy, in every interaction with faculty, students, parents or prospective families, the joy you exude is palpable. You have given of your time and your talents at unparalleled levels this year. 

Your colleagues noted the vital role that generosity played in helping us maintain our commitment to faith and spirituality during the COVID-19 pandemic. When we returned to Stuart and were unable to host our traditional mass and prayer services, you partnered with us to ensure that our girls and community were able to virtually participate in spiritual programs including the annual Mass of the Holy Spirit/Flag Ceremony, Advent Prayer Service, Ash Wednesday Prayer Service and Stations of the Cross. You worked tirelessly, after hours and on weekends, to film and edit programs to support the spiritual well being of our girls. This year, in particular, it was an incredible gift to our community and our girls.

Susy your commitment to Sacred heart education is infectious! Having an office so close to yours, I have the privilege to see, first hand, how you educate all of us to an active faith in God by tirelessly modeling the heart of Jesus in our community. Congratulations!

Goal 2: Darren Malone

Director of Facilities and Sustainability Planning 

Goal II calls us to educate to a deep respect for intellectual values. The criteria under Goal II call Sacred Heart educators to offer challenging experiences that inspire intellectual curiosity and to utilize space and the physical environment in alignment with best practices. Let me begin by saying that this entire year was a challenging experience and no one engaged our intellectual (and mental) curiosity better in learning how to cope with it than you, Darren. The COVID-19 nerve center you led mobilized everyone needed to get us back to school in the midst of a pandemic. Through your expertise, we implemented upgrades to our HVAC system and added an ionization system that provided a safe, in-person academic experience for students and teachers alike. 

And if that wasn’t enough, you still found time to mentor endorsement students through internships and serve as an expert in AP Environmental Science teaching our girls about the school's energy use, HVAC system, and digital monitoring capabilities. Though you may not be a traditional classroom teacher, we have all learned so much this year under your guidance. Congratulations, Darren!

Goal 3: Amelia Sked

Math Learning Specialist

Goal III commits us to educate to a social awareness which impels to action. Criteria that reflect how we live Goal III calls us to promote civic responsibility on the local level, to engage in direct service, advocacy, outreach and to develop a lifelong commitment to service. 

Amelia you gave evidence of this commitment when you voluntarily took on the role of COVID vaccine arranger for many in the Stuart community. You worked endlessly to help others in the community to get COVID vaccinations. When you knew that it was difficult to obtain appointments, you educated yourself about the methods and times for obtaining vaccinations appointments.  You were aware that the elderly and the medically compromised needed these appointments first and you made that happen.  Later, you continued to help others to obtain their appointments as well! 

You not only helped the Stuart community, but helped the larger community of Princeton and beyond! Your selflessness, compassion and heartfelt determination were inspirational and a huge contributor to the successful vaccination of so many. Thank you for being a living embodiment of Goal III and an example that nothing can stop a Stuart girl.

Goal 4: Katherine Gibson 

Lower and Middle School Physical Education and Health Teacher

Goal IV calls us to educate to the building of community as a Christian value. The key criteria under Goal IV speak to promoting the inherent dignity of each person, striving for relationships that are characterized by inclusion and mutual respect and to supporting a healthy and safe environment. Katherine, you thoroughly embody Goal IV. Smart, ten steps ahead, considerate, compassionate, loving and incredibly funny, you are the ultimate teammate. Community means everything to you. Whether a student, faculty or staff member or parent, you want everyone to feel cared for and included. Being a member of every school division, you touch the hearts of our youngest in the preschool classes, and connect with our oldest students while coaching tennis. Beyond your expertise and commitment in health and physical education your commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has been clear, having attended Diversity Directions, SEED training and volunteering to lead SEED training next year.

You took the challenges of COVID by storm and developed ways to safely teach PE and sports across all divisions. You taught PE in-person from EC all the way through 12th grade jumping in to help whenever needed. You also organized PE packs for every single virtual student K-8th grade. You did everything from assisting with our middle school golf program when we had 20+ kids come out to running a Middle School reading challenge when we lacked a librarian. You orchestrated and recorded an Early Childhood Show for parents to enjoy virtually, worked effortlessly to help run a COVID Safe School-Wide Green and White Day and a 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Track and Field Day. 

At every turn, you kept our girls safe and engaged and supported our students and your colleagues. Thank you for stepping up everyday and in every way for our community. Congratulations for so deftly modeling Goal IV!

Goal 5:Kristen Zosche

Upper School Dean of Students

Goal V calls us to foster personal growth within an atmosphere of wise freedom. The new criteria under Goal V calls us to recognize motivational, inspirational and transformational leadership. I am honored to do so by naming Kristen Zosche as our Goal V award recipient. Since joining Stuart in the summer of 2020, you have built an incredible sense of the community in the Upper School. Under extraordinarily difficult circumstances during COVID and with students around the globe, you have found ways to connect with current Upper and Middle School girls through programming, festive activities, coaching and by knowing and valuing every girl in the Stuart community. Students are feeling a sense of community and connection largely due to your leadership, Kristen. 

Goal V calls students and adult members of the community alike to grow in courage and confidence as they discover new abilities, cultivate strengths, learn from mistakes, develop empathy and exercise resilience in meeting challenges. Kristen, you have met this criteria across so many levels. You are always willing to listen to students and offer them ways to resolve issues and grow as young adults. Your patience, commitment to responsible decision making, and attention to students has helped them to trust and to grow.  

You have been tireless in your commitment to Stuart and to the growth of students and faculty. You are a treasured new member of our Stuart family and an incredible model of Goal V in action.



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