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Goal 5 Pledge

Stuart educates to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom As members of the Stuart community, we care deeply for one another and aspire to begin and end the school year with everyone in our community being and remaining healthy.

We are asking all members of our Sacred Heart community to pledge to live out Goal 5 to the highest extent possible by making wise choices that support the greater health and wellness of all members of our Stuart community.

With extensive safety measures in place after months of planning, our quiet and empty building will soon be bustling again with students and faculty. By signing this pledge, you affirm your commitment to do your part to keep your family and the rest of our families safe. As we have said before: We are #ALLINTHISTOGETHER.

These choices include:

  • Adhere to community health and safety protocols whenever possible including wearing a mask, engaging in social distancing and handwashing;
  • Make wise choices outside of Stuart that will support my health and those in the greater community;
  • Submit daily wellness check documentation as required through Magnus Health and monitor for symptoms associated COVID-19;
  • Stay at home if I or my child exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 or feel sick;
  • Cooperate with health officials if asked;
  • Disclose to the school nurse and if I have been in “close contact” as defined by the CDC with someone who had been diagnosed with COVID-19;
  • Be transparent with Stuart regarding my travel, or travel with members of my family, and following all guidelines issued by the State of New Jersey;
  • Respect the privacy of members of the Stuart community and not engage in hearsay;
  • Treat every member of the Stuart community with compassion and respect during these difficult times, recognizing the different levels of comfort, experiences, and needs regarding their own or their family’s health.


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