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Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

Congratulations to the Stuart Class of 2021! This remarkable class of 47 individuals concluded their Stuart career during one of the most memorable and difficult years in recent history. As the world (and New Jersey) began to open back up after a year of restrictions due to COVID, we were thrilled to give the seniors a proper send-off with graduation in Cor Unum with their families. 

The ceremony opened with Kriti Aitharaju, president of the senior class, who recalled the moments this year that brought the class closer - while still maintaining social distancing. Remarking on the permanent home the class will always have tucked within the woods of Princeton, Kriti looked to the future for this group of individuals who have done "amazing things. We will never stop being the impressive people that we are, or doing what makes us happy."

Senior Class Speaker, Vivian Chen, used the analogy of Stuart as a second home to frame her message to the class: 

"These three things, perseverance, enthusiasm, and discovering our voices, constitute a home where we have explored what we believe in and worked through any challenge we have faced with confidence. We have found our own places where we call home at Stuart, so even as we go our separate ways, we will find new places where we can all flourish. If we trip and make a mistake, we know that we have each other to pull us back up. We all have a dedication to what we love, and we are going to be the actual change-makers that this world needs. Stuart isn’t at the top of our staircase to success, rather it’s only one of the first steps. 

As we walk out with our diplomas, remember that although we no longer will be students in the same building anymore, we are going to be part of something bigger. We are a family, all from the same home, who will succeed because of how we have helped each other grow. We are going to build new homes for ourselves and for the rest of the world with the foundations we have developed at Stuart."

Following the conferring of diplomas with Dr. Fagin and Board Chair Cheryl A. Lagay, Morgan John explained the traditional turning of the rings to symbolize the students' graduation from Stuart. This was then followed by virtual remarks from graduation speaker Christine Leahy '82, president & chief executive officer of CDW, who thanked the class for their inclusivity, innovative spirit, and their no idling zone. "Thank you for doing your best, because you were counting on us counting on you. Stuart Class of 2021, we will sleep well tonight knowing you are bursting forth as new graduates to ignite this world to excellence." 

In her concluding remarks to the class, Head of School Dr. Patty Fagin took inspiration from singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen's song "Anthem" as the seniors prepared to exit Cor Unum for one last time as students: “Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack, a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.” The Class of 2021 let the light in on a challenging year, and they are already the changemakers that our world needs beyond the green brick walls.

Below is the full list of the Class of 2021

*Indicates students who are Stuart Lifers

Campbell Adams*
Janiah Adams
Asmita Adya
Kriti Aitharaju         
Lillian Armstrong
Reyna Bae
Bella Bobb 
Lia Bull-Krieg* 
Melanie Burgess* 
Cara Carr
Vivian Chen
Nancy Chi
Emma Claisse
Cordelia Corera
Anna Dawson*
Olivia Evans
Laila Fair
Irene Feng    
Gabriella Flotta 
Amaris Frink*
Olivia Giblin
Chloe Gocher
Maddy Howard* 

Kathryn Ix*
Aleah James        
Ariel Jenkins
Morgan John
Molly Lagay*
Jasmine Lewis
Vicky Liu 
Penelope Luchs
Coco Lyu 
Catherine Martin
Kathryn McConkey*
Nia Melvin
Misha Meyer 
Lavina Mital
Brooke Morales
Ajibike (Jibby) Ojo
Marlena Rodriguez
Sophia Scheulov
Mia Szabo
Allison Tarbotton
Delmis Vargas
Shirley Xie
Ronnie Zhang
Holly Zhuang 

Photos of graduation, including the official Lors Photography album, are available on SmugMug

We would also like to recognize the following members of the Class of 2021 who are not present on graduation:

  • Cara Carr
  • Xinyi Feng
  • Vicky Ruoyu Liu
  • Mingming Zhuang
  • Yuting Zhang 

Below is the list of senior awards given at Upper School Prize ahead of graduation. 

Goal 1: Campbell Adams
a personal and active faith in God

Goal 2: Shirley Xie
a deep respect for intellectual values

Goal 3: Janiah Adams and Cara Carr
a social awareness which impels to action

Goal 4: Molly Lagay 
the building of community as a Christian value

Goal 5: Jasmine Lewis and Marlena Rodriguez
personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom

Senior Head of School Award: Catherine Martin

The Head of School Award, established in Honor of Sister Frances de la Chapelle is selected by faculty, is presented to a student in each of the four grades who through the process of challenging herself and by her willingness to take risks, has grown in self-awareness and has positively impacted the quality of life in the Upper School.

Senior Barat Award: Campbell Adams

The Barat Award, instituted by Student Government and selected by students, recognizes one student from each grade who demonstrates self-sacrifice, compassion, respect for self and others, courtesy, a sense of balance and good judgment, and overall citizenship.

Department Awards:

English: Mia Szabo and Chloe Gocher

Digital Art: Holly Zhuang

Theater: Gabriella Flotta

Music: Campbell Adams

Visual & Performing Arts: Marlena Rodriguez

Visual Art: Irene Feng

The Carrol Florkiewicz Award for P.E.: Nia Melvin and Catherine Martin

History: Holly Zhang and Emma Claisse

Math: Shirley Xie

Computer Science: Cara Carr and Vicky Liu

Theology: Lillian Armstrong 

Grace Butler, RSCJ Award for Theology: Allison Tarbotton 

Science: Vivian Chen

French: Campbell Adams

Spanish: Misha Meyer

Latin: Bella Bobb

NCGLS Leadership Endorsement Graduates: 

Amaris Frink
Misha Meyer
Janiah Adams

Vivian Chen
Cara Carr
Vicky Liu
Kathyrn Ix
Shirley Xie



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