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Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

Congratulations to the Stuart Class of 2020! None of us could have ever guessed that your Stuart career would end this way, but your enthusiasm and positivity as we entered distance learning two months ago inspired faculty, staff and students to make the most of the remaining time we had together. In preparation for graduation - and without knowing if we would be able to gather in person - we recreated graduation as close to the traditional ceremony as possible with speeches, conferring of diplomas, a virtual turning of the rings, and a video montage with seniors reflection on their time at Stuart. We invite you to rewatch it again here.

The ceremony opened with a performance of "I am a child of the Sacred Heart" by senior class president Nora Flamer followed by an analysis of how the song applies now and will in the future. In applying the Goals to their lives, she told her classmates that they would be the "change that everyone wishes to see in the world." 

Senior class speaker Elaine Wang spoke of the class's unstoppable ambition to change the world: "In the future, I see our class as people with an acute awareness of the intricate mechanisms of the world and an unstoppable ambition to make it better. I see people who have thought deeply about moralities. I see people who see the blemishes in the world and take real actions to remove them. Here we stand at a turning point in our educational career. We scramble to reflect before the last chapter flips over as quickly as any other page we've read before. Learn that you've learned to become resilient amidst adversity. And do treasure that, as adversities are precious, low-stakes experiences in your teenage years that will inform your ambition and your knowledge of self."

In her opening address to the Class of 2020, Interim Head of Upper School Jennifer Ford reflected with gratitude and appreciation for the 34 incredible individuals and charged them to ask of themselves who they want to be after this experience. 

"I have been thinking deeply about this through my own experiences and I challenge you to do the same. Who do you want to be when you emerge from this community? Who do you want to be when you face the possibility of an ongoing world health crisis? Who do you want to be for yourself and for those around you?

We have little control over what is done to us in this world, but we have the power to shift our own attitudes, actions and reactions. I am choosing to look upon this year with gratitude and appreciation for coming to know a supportive, generous, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, creative, confident, caring, and spirited group of young women who I know will continue to inspire me with who they are and what they choose to do. I hope that though our year together was short, this unique experience has been nothing short of memorable and that we emerge from this connected and #StuartProud."

Head of School Dr. Patty Fagin closed graduation by reminding the class that in spite of the disappointments they faced, hope was in their DNA: "Today you have arrived at the end of your Stuart journey. You have faced so many disappointments and answers to the difficulties from which they have sprung are not on the horizon. But know that hope is in your DNA. Over 100 years ago, our namesake, Mother Janet Erskine Stuart noted that “of all virtues that we can least afford to lose hold of in our time, that of hope seems to be the most needed.” Hold onto hope. Be active contributors to our rich Sacred Heart legacy. Be the hope for tomorrow. With your innate gifts and Stuart education as your foundation and the Goals as your guide, you are the leaders who will change our world for the better. Be proud of your roots. Stay in touch - with us and with each other. And for now - no goodbyes - only God speed and we’ll see you in the front hall at Little Christmas or hopefully, even sooner."

Photos from the graduation drive-through parade are available in our photo gallery. Official photos from Lors Photography will be available soon. 

Below is the list of senior awards given at Upper School Prize ahead of graduation. Click here to watch the Prize Day ceremony

Goal 1: Sarah Girgis
a personal and active faith in God


Goal 2: Elaine Wang
a deep respect for intellectual values


Goal 3: Samantha Humbles
a social awareness which impels to action


Goal 4: Caroline Mullen and Natalie Pemberton
the building of community as a Christian value


Goal 5: Heather Kwafo
personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom


Senior Head of School Award: Aditi Mehndiratta 

The Head of School Award, established in Honor of Sister Frances de la Chapelle is selected by faculty, is presented to a student in each of the four grades who through the process of challenging herself and by her willingness to take risks, has grown in self-awareness and has positively impacted the quality of life in the Upper School.

Senior Barat Award: Heather Kwafo

The Barat Award, instituted by Student Government and selected by students, recognizes one student from each grade who demonstrates self-sacrifice, compassion, respect for self and others, courtesy, a sense of balance and good judgment, and overall citizenship.

Department Awards:



Victoria Kovarik and Heath Kwafo

Fine Art Award in Art

Selena Meng

Fine Art Award in Photography

Samantha Humbles

Performing Arts in Music

Nina Austria

Performing Arts in Technical Theater

Madeleine Freundlich

Physical Education and Health

Caroline Mullen and Alexandra Ottomanelli


Sunny Hu


Elaine Wang

Computer Science

Nina Austria 


Sarah McLaughlin


Ritika Tadla


Sarah McLaughlin


Nina Austria 


Jessica Jiang and Sunny Hu






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