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Hilary Morris
Associate Director of Communications
(609) 378-1931 or
(609) 921-2330 x4176

Monica Vogel
Art Director, Office of Communications
(609) 921-6106
(609) 921-2330 x4124

Content Submission

Thank you for sharing your news for use on our website, school app, social media, and the monthly newsletter!

When submitting your news, please consider including as much information about the purpose and learning outcomes of your lesson. When possible, please include student feedback. 

Types of stories that we look for:

  • Lesson/activity recaps
  • Overview/introduction to your course
  • A student reflection/recap 
  • Field trip details
  • Sports results 
  • Good news about a teacher, student, class, etc. 

How to submit your news and photos: See below for further instructions

  1. All content/news will go to
  2. Provide brief description of what you're sending including the curriculum goal/objective. When possible, have a student write the recap. 
  3. Send at least one photo to go with the story. All stories on our website need a thumbnail image to publish. 
  4. Optional: Student feedback/testimonial about the lesson/activity. 
  5. If sending multiple photos, it's ideal to put them into a Google Drive or Dropbox folder and share the link to the folder in your email.